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Our conversational intelligence platform empowers your agents to provide a frictionless experience to customers over voice, email, and chat.

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Our Solutions

Tailored conversational solution for your business

Boost operational efficiency and CSAT

Integrate conversational AI into your CX workflow to make it faster and efficient, reducing cost and response time.

Turn agents into experts

With real-time access to crucial information and step-by-step instruction, human agents can resolve tough and specialized calls with ease.

Nurture relationships, not just leads

Provide personalized support and resolve issues faster to turn individual interactions into sustaining customer retention.


Build and deploy virtual assistants to any digital channel

AI-powered virtual assistants reduce response time and provide quick resolutions, driving efficiency, loyalty, and growth at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Deliver dynamic and purposeful conversations over-the-clock to keep your customer engaged, conversationsng prospects and website visitors to valuable qualified leads.

Easily integrate our virtual assistant solution across social media and instant messaging channels to connect with your customers wherever they are.


Enhance CX with interactive voice support for your customers

Our intelligent IVR assistant can listen, analyze, and provide an accurate response to callers based on the context while maintaining rapid delivery.

With an NLP-based engine, our intelligent phone bot communicates in a language that a caller is comfortable with and can switch conversation based on the query.

After integrating the existing CRM with our conversational platform, our bot can make personalized conversation and also update new information based on calls.

Emails & Tickets

Categorize, track, and solve customer support tickets instantly

Our end-to-end email bot offers a complete picture of customers' questions, requests, and concerns, enabling your CX team to provide an accurate solution to each.

Automated ticket creation, categorization, and notification enable you to keep your customers updated while also ensuring agents are there for each customer.

You can integrate our intelligent email assistant to other business systems and customize workflows as per your needs, increasing efficiency and CSAT.


Enhance CX with interactive voice support for your customers

Acquire Insights from every interaction

Our NLP-powered conversational engine can analyze calls in minutes, including CS interactions and outbound calls, to uncover compliance gaps and coaching opportunities.

Coach agents and reach targets

Contact centre AI uses speech and sentiment analysis to review and rate conversations, providing data-driven and personalized feedback to agents and improving outcomes.

Reduce costs and boost contact centre efficiency

The contact centre agents get real-time support during calls with intent identification and step-by-step guidance, improving customer response and driving value.

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