What is Conversational AI?

What is most natural way
to get things done?


user icon for natural language processing

“Hi, Book me a flight
for sunday”

Representation NLP, DL, ML Representation NLP, DL, ML

Voice Bot

conversational ai voice bot receiving command

“Sure, where
would you like to go?”

Conversational AI is a means to reduce human efforts and enable technology to learn human ways of doing things instead of adding onto the technical drawings and know-how on the human end.

graphical representation of AI keywords analysis

Making AI learn the human way of doing things
through continued conversations.

AI made easy -

  • First contact resolution
  • Multi-turn conversation
  • Multi-lingual conversation
  • Context healing
  • Contextual orchestration
Multi-lingual conversation with artificial intelligence
Most advanced bot with NLP engines

Tech Highlights

  • Knowledge-based question answering
  • Dialogue policy management based on Hybrid Code Network (HCN)
  • State-of-the-art performance metrics
  • Transformers based NLP engines
  • Paraphrase identification with semantic similarity