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Enhancing CX

Enhanced CX

Our Voice AI offers an entire solution for customers' questions, requests, and concerns. It enables your CX team to provide an on-time accurate solution faster and more efficiently in every interaction.

While synthesizing all the available data on a customers current issue & past interactions, effectiveness is amplified.

Lead qualification & funnel automation

“A McKinsey study finds that 40% of work spent on sales activities can be automated.”

Recognize and qualify the most relevant leads, then nurture their interest in real-time through our Voice AI. Also, it allows you to reach the right lead at the right time before they grow cold.

Lead Qualification & funnel automation
Cross Sell & Upsell through AI-powered bot

Cross Sell & Upsell the products

Quickly conclude the user's search to promote your product at the right time. Our smart sentiment analyzing system helps in cross-sell & upsell by recognizing the past buying behavior of customers and pitches precisely at the peak-interest point for best up-selling results before they grow cold.

Increase Retention Rate

According to research conducted by Bain & Company, it was found that increasing retention by just 5% can increase profits by 25-95% . Use our Increase Retention Rate to take the advantage of personalized incentives, promotions, and discounts. Retain your customers with loyalty programs to drive in deals and repeated purchases.

Increase retention rate

Automate the user journey

It is projected that by 2023, Voice AI will be responsible for automating customer interactions to nearly 40%. Enable a seamless end-to-end transition for customers from product discovery, and purchasing, to post-purchase support. To provide a compelling customer experience and increase ROI at every stage of the customer lifecycle, implement Automate The User Journey for customer acquisition.

Your Questions Answered

Let's look at some of the ways you can keep engaging with your clients to improve your chances of retaining them:

  • Personalization is key: GenieTalk’s Virtual Assistant makes it simple for businesses to save crucial information about each customer and also assists in delivering personalized emails and messages based on that information.

  • Add rewards to your requests: For example, giving a customer 20% off their next purchase if they fill out a feedback form will incite them to spare a couple of minutes in this way customers will feel more connected to your business.

  • Schedule your interactions with your customers: You are more likely to follow up with your clients if you have a schedule monitor that reminds you. Most CRMs come with scheduling features that allow you to set up follow-up calls, emails, etc., for certain customers.

AI uses smart sentiment analyzing solution that aids in cross-selling and upselling by understanding the past purchasing history of clients and precisely pitching at the peak-interest point for best up-selling results before they grow cold.

Even complex lead qualification tasks can be completed by our digital voice assistant powered by AI. Additionally, it helps you to contact the right lead at the right moment before they grow cold.