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Automated Customer Support

Deliver a hyper-personalized support with AI-based Virtual Assistant across all channels in any dialect. Immediately add value with quick responses to FAQ's after carefully analyzing the customer sentiments

93% customers are likely to make repeat purchases after receiving good customer service, and 38% are more inclined to refer to the business.

Omnichannel Support

Deploy an AI-powered Virtual Assistant on the platforms that your users prefer, ensure the 24x7 support and quick resolutions for a delectable experience, and leverage the sales and turnover.

Researchers have also shown that businesses with great omnichannel interaction have seen annual revenue growth of 9.5%.

Enhanced CSAT

More customers are satisfied when the wait time is handled in a better way, and the requests are answered more quickly. In 90% of clients it has been found that considering a prompt response is crucial.

Digital Voice agents from provide a compelling customer experience for a higher client lifetime value.

Increase agent’s productivity

Provides 24/7, cost-effective customer service that automates the outbound calling process and helps businesses to generate more revenue and free up your agents and boost their productivity by 2.4x annually. This will eliminate the need for customers to wait in the queue, driving even more traffic to the contact center.

Integration with CRM

Our Virtual Assistant integrates with your existing CRM. Also, any new information captured in the call gets updated in the CRM in no time, which would simplify making the call with the customer's name and number.

It will not only boost productivity of the agents, allowing them to focus on complex issues, but also improving the customer relationship widely.

Your Questions Answered

According to Forbes, “Customer experience is today’s business benchmark.” With the help of an AI voice bot and chatbot combined, up to 90% of queries can be intelligently automated with up to 80% accuracy which results in a delightful customer experience.

By automating your customer care, you can fix problems as soon as possible while also building a trusting community. Below are the benefits of customer support automation:

  • Quick query resolution and happier customers.

  • Lower costs.

  • More reliable customer service.

  • Fewer human errors.

With an automated customer service platform, time-consuming tasks can be eliminated from your workflow. Queues will get shorter, your team will have more time to concentrate on proactive engagement, customer results will improve, and your brand will build a reputation for speedy and responsive customer service.