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More calls handled.


More qualified leads.

Automate Your Lead Qualification Process

According to Salesforce data, salespeople spend only 33% of their time selling, while the rest is spent on repetitive and tedious tasks.

Our lead qualification solution uses automation to not just qualify but prioritize the leads as well, providing a score of confidence to the SDRs with the highest chance of a conversion.

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    Free up human agents for more complex tasks that require human skills and expertise.

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    Significantly increase lead accuracy with appropriate lead scoring.

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    Effective allocation of resources to convert the leads into prospects.

Automate Your Lead Qualification Process
Target the Right Leads at the Right Time

Target the Right Leads at the Right Time

A Pardot study says, only 56% of organizations have a qualification process in place, while the situation for the rest is complicated.

Based on-call speech analytics, various aspects of the conversation can be analyzed during the call, you may gain more accurate insights about your consumers, allowing the sales team to target high-quality prospects.

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    Analyze purchase behavior, and identify cross-selling and up-selling patterns that may be missed by human agents.

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    Provide a more hyper-personalized and effective customer experience to the prioritized leads, building better relationships.

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    Businesses can deviate their focus on providing exceptional user experience, boosting CSAT Scores.

Scale your Business with More Revenue Opportunities

According to a Forrester study, vetting your leads can help you produce up to 50% more revenue prospects while spending 33% less.

By synchronizing the efforts of the sales teams around an efficient qualification framework like ours, you can establish a winning sales plan, putting your prospects first and fuelling your pipeline for more conversions.

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    Never miss an opportunity with a virtual assistant capable of handling 1000x more calls at the same time.

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    Helps you cut down on operational costs and lower your Customer Acquisition Cost by 90%.

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    Provides in-depth analytics for timely and better decision-making, and shortens your sales cycle.

Scale your Business with More Revenue Opportunities

Get ahead of the issues and Grow on Volumes

With smarter calling and an easy-to-use interface, our AI-powered outbound assistant helps you build, run and manage campaigns from wherever you are.

Your Questions Answered

AI-powered lead qualification can benefit businesses of all sizes and industries, especially startups in terms of resource utilization. However, it is especially effective for individuals who have a huge volume of data, complex qualification criteria, or limited resources.

Our solution can help B2B companies that sell complicated products with extended sales cycles and multiple decision-makers expedite the qualification process and find the most promising leads.

Businesses can incorporate GenieQualify, our virtual agent, into their existing processes to address specific pain points in their current lead qualification process. Our cutting-edge technology can be connected to existing sales and marketing processes in a variety of ways, such as API integration, CRM integration, or standalone deployment.

Our fine-tuned solution is simple to integrate and requires no work on your part.

The future of AI-based lead qualification seems bright, as the technology evolves and improves. With the launch of technologies like GPT-4, we may anticipate a rise in the adoption of AI-powered lead qualification systems capable of effectively analyzing huge data sets and identifying the most qualified leads.

Natural language processing and sentiment analysis may also be used in these systems to better understand client needs and preferences and give hyper-personalized responses.