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GenieTalk’s cutting-edge tech solution is designed to proactively navigate through claims and settlements in complex RCM systems. It assists in boosting human-agent productivity, and reducing processing time while improving user experiences.

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    Handles repetitive and time-consuming tasks, without agents wasting their time in long queues.

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    Supports concurrent calls, automatically updating the claim status in run-time & quickly.

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    Provides in depth-analytics and detailed reports to the human agents for better decision-making.

Automate Your Lead Qualification Process
Target the Right Leads at the Right Time

Streamline Claim Settlement Process

With an intent to optimize the sturdy claim management process in the Insurance sector, our automation platform introduced a solution customized to fit your needs, improve customer services, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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    Handling outbound calls to Insurance companies and providing the requested detailed insights.

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    Speeds up claim processing with automation, leveraging a single powerful platform.

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    Integrates with the CRM systems to update it and help your team to free up their time for other complex tasks.

Frictionless Future with HIPAA Compliance's automation solution is specifically designed to meet HIPAA standards. This ensures that the solution is fully encrypted, and has robust access controls making it easier for customers to trust and organizations to switch for 100% operational efficiency.

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    An optimized and safer revenue cycle with fewer denials.

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    Establish a strong connection between a doctor and a patient.

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    Greater visibility into claims with highly customized technology, which was not possible earlier.

Scale your Business with More Revenue Opportunities

Re-Imagine your Revenue Cycle with us & Step up in the Game.

With GenieInsure transform the revenue cycle with intelligence and streamline the claim settlements while achieving greater agent efficiency.

Your Questions Answered

With data decay at an all-time high of 70% annually and organizations spending every dollar wisely, data verification is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses. It lets organizations make more informed decisions with improved operational efficiency, enrich customer experiences and remain competitive in the market with a comprehensive and accurate overview of their customers.

The major complexity being solved with our automation solution is the claim settlement process. Being a tedious and complex process, hours of effort were wasted doing it manually, thanks to automation for propelling the process way ahead it is, and freeing up the team to drive in more revenue.

GenieInsure's efficiency in managing multiple claim statuses 100X faster, 24*7 sets it apart from human agents. This not only improves accuracy but also allows for uninterrupted service. Also, it can seamlessly integrate with your CRM platform, enhancing its capabilities while saving 50% of costs.