Provide Prospects to your Agents, not IVRs!

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Why Choose GenieConnect


More Live Conversations


Contact rate


Agent hours saved


Increase in Productivity

Skip IVRs and Save Time

Our Voice AI-powered automation solution utilizes NLU to transfer calls to human agents only when a human voice is detected, avoiding the need to redial calls that land on tedious and never-ending IVR menus, reducing wait time, and improving average handling time.

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    A rapid solution that overcomes the phone trees, & other barriers of widely used predictive dialers.

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    Saving the agents time & effort from landing into IVRs, gatekeepers, and missed opportunities.

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    Provides in-depth analytics to human agents for better decision-making.

Automate Your Lead Qualification Process
Target the Right Leads at the Right Time

Auto-Dial and Prioritise Actions

GenieConnect is an advanced virtual agent, that auto-dials and connects you with leads fast, substantially reducing manual activities, and saving time on lengthy call-scheduling tasks, all while delivering a variety of tailored conversations, boosting business KPIs.

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    Handles a high volume of concurrent calls, allowing you to scale your outbound campaigns while saving costs.

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    Enhances the efficiency of critical business operations like outbound prospecting, lead qualification, and more.

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    Refine your sales process by focusing on the warmest leads and directing actions towards them.

Win with More Live Conversations

With this automation solution, handling the barriers, and connecting with the prospects at a lightning-fast speed, empowers the sales team with better management, enhanced productivity, and scaling the businesses to the next level.

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    Empower your agents with 10X more live conversations, and fill your Sales pipelines with easy-to-convert leads.

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    Timely connect with prospects, close the deals, and leave no money on the table.

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    Foster stronger connections through conversations with clients in parallel as virtual agents handle the hurdles.

Scale your Business with More Revenue Opportunities

Getting into a Conversation with Prospect was never this easy!

With GenieConnect never miss out on any of your prospects, and enhance your connect ratio with intended contacts to almost 100%, just with a click.

Your Questions Answered

Key features include:

  • Designed for maximum usability and accessibility
  • Has productivity of serving the customers 24*7*365.
  • Easily accommodate for budget or multiple use cases.
  • High efficiency is achieved by combining patented technology with human intelligence.

GenieConnect handles barriers like IVR phone menu trees, Gate Keepers, and Voicemails to connect the right prospects to the right human agents, giving them the ability to keep pace with the needs with better productivity, handle conversations better, and utilize their time selling more.

Handling obstacles and rebuttals is one thing; the main difficulty solved by GenieConnect is finding the right contact and building a relationship with them. Regardless of the volume, our intelligent virtual agent connects you with a conversational flow in a fraction of a second.