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Improve outbound metrics that have measurable business impact Why Choose GenieConnect


Less time spent on unproductive tasks


Calls every day


More visibility into demand gen funnel


Increase in revenue can give wings to your demand generation campaign:

Never waste time on IVRs again:

Our demand generation automation software uses language understanding to route calls to agents only when a live voice is detected. Say goodbye to calling number after number and landing on voicemail.

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    IVR automation: Skip tedious menus and get straight to live conversations.

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    DTMF detection: Respond to prompts and navigate phone trees with ease.

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    High-volume call support: Scale your outbound campaigns without breaking the bank.

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    In-depth analytics: Gain valuable insights to optimize your calling strategy.

Live call-transfers by the agent
Automating the lead verification process

Automate your lead verification workflow:

Stop running mistargeted campaigns with our cloud-based lead verification platform. Ensure your sales and support teams connect with the right customers at the right time.

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    Live phone verification: Equip your sales team with accurate & qualified leads.

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    Real-time contact validation and update: Accelerate your B2B demand-gen pipeline.

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    Popular CRM integrations: Stay laser-focused on your customers, seamlessly.

Remove the guesswork from lead qualification:’s lead qualification solution filters prospects by their interest & preference, working as an extension of your sales and marketing team, increasing sales productivity and maximizing your marketing investments.

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    Uncover potential customers: Let our AI handle the heavy lifting.

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    Cut off unqualified prospects: Shorten your sales cycle and boost efficiency.

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    Free your sales team: Focus on closing deals, not chasing leads.

Qualifying the leads

Modernize your contact centre operation:

Build, run, and manage campaigns from anywhere with our smarter calling and user-friendly interface.

Your Questions Answered

Enterprises, especially demand generation companies, use contact centres to call leads and verify their company and contact information. 60% of those outbound calls land on answering machines or IVRs that support dial-by-name, meaning most of your agents are wasting time on unproductive activities.

Our cloud-based outbound automation solution allows you to scale demand gen strategy and engage prospects better, creating lasting relationships with your clients and prospects.

If you're in verticals, industries, or market segments that require a contact centre to drive revenue & growth, our solution helps you automate B2B demand gen campaigns. Further, it ensures you're building a high-quality demand generation funnel, healthy sales pipeline as well as genuine client relationships.

Businesses using demand generation strategy have high volumes of marketing leads that require making numerous calls to find out if there are potentially interested customers on the other end. Such a conventional approach to qualifying leads may have some degree of success but, you might not quickly reach the decision-making person having the authority to purchase your offered product or service.

Business-to-business (B2B) demand-gen marketing agencies can leverage our AI-powered outbound solution to make 20-40k calls in a day, performing high volume verifications and saving significant time and cost against conventional call centres. Therefore, allowing your agents to know your prospects' needs properly instead of spending time researching exactly which person or business is likely to purchase your offering.

Demand generation automation uses technology to streamline and optimize the lead generation process. This includes tasks like automating outreach, routing calls, and qualifying leads, freeing up your team to focus on building relationships.

By leveraging AI-powered tools like, you can automate time-consuming tasks like skipping IVRs and verifying leads. This allows you to reach more qualified prospects, faster.

Increased efficiency, improved lead quality, faster sales cycles, and cost savings are just a few advantages. empowers your B2B sales team to achieve more with less.

It's an all-in-one hub for automating your demand generation activities. From lead capture and qualification to IVR navigation and outbound calling, has you covered.'s platform allows you to schedule and personalize mass calling campaigns using AI-powered voice assistants. This saves time and resources while maximizing your reach.