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We trust our people
to navigate our course.

The key to building best conversational AI is to actually build a team & have fabulous conversations. We are picking the best AI minds of the country & let them create their own vibe, culture, incubation centerwhatever you want to call it.

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Our Genieus


A specific type of genius, i.e. one with the privilege of being hired at OGenie and involved in the growth of a newborn AI being Genie, a voice-activated travel assistant, created to solve humanity's travel worries.
Example: Wow what a brilliant code! Only a PHP Genieus could've written it

Possessing qualities such as ambition, great intelligence, anda vision to make technology as effortless and human as possible.
Example: The designer said some genieus things at the meeting today.

The act using whatever skills you have to work on Genie, and make it smarter every day.
Example: Look at him genieus away at his desk! If you fit this definition, send your CV to