Transform CX With Conversational Contact Centre Solution

From responding faster to reducing agent calls, our conversational AI platform automates your contact centre, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the churn rate.

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Contact Centre Application

How conversational AI transforms your contact centre

Personalized Customer Experience

Contact centre assistants offer personalized recommendations to your customers based on their communication history, behavioural patterns, and preferences, reducing wait times and increasing CSAT.

Automate Customer Support

AI-powered contact centre agents use speech recognition and NLP technologies to interact naturally and automate repetitive tasks like feeding customer details on CRM, reducing average handling time (AHT) and freeing up resources.

Multilingual and Omnichannel Interactions

Contact centre AI empowers your agents to provide quality support and gain insights across all popular and emerging communication channels, such as social media, instant messaging, text, and audio.

Swift Human and AI Integration

Our AI platform gives a human touch to contact centre automation with seamless hand-off to a human agent in case of complex queries, ensuring convenience for your agents and customers and improving call centre metrics.


The GenieTalk Advantage

Why choose us for contact centre transformation

Out-of-the-box Integration

With our conversational platform, you can build, implement, and scale a contact centre solution across many messaging channels, wherever your customers are.

Continuous Learning

Contact centre bots support real-time information processing to understand, prepare and deliver accurate responses quicker while learning to solve complex problems over time.

Advanced Analytics

Our AI solution comes with built-in sentiment analysis and speech analytics, enabling agents to handle difficult conversations and helping QA teams provide personalized coaching.

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