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RISE, Hongkong

RISE 2019 Hong Kong, Asia's Largest Tech Conference, was fantastic and marked Genie’s first steps toward going worldwide. The technology of the future, which has the potential to completely transform travel, was initially introduced at RISE 2019 in June with the launch of the beta version.

RISE, Hongkong

Pitching our Genie as a voice travel assistant powered by was well received. The unique notion behind OGenie, which has attracted a lot of praise, has the potential to influence the direction of the travel industry.

Web Summit, Lisbon

The grand launch of the OGenie app, version Alpha, would have taken place at Web Summit, the world's largest technology convention, in Lisbon in November 2019 and introduced a travel application Genie - powered by to the world that allows you to fly with ease!

Web Summit, Lisbon

At Web Summit 2019, the largest technology conference in the world, OGenie presented to the global technology community. Each user in Lisbon provided us with the motivation to improve with each use case. We are all prepared to go Live as we get ready for a promising future.

Meet The Community - Collaborations

Let's Hack 2.0 Microsoft

When you have a brand that builds AI, you gotta be an Intelligent Partner. OGenie an AI-powered travel application - powered by was the valued Intelligence Partner at Lovely Professional University's yearly event Hackathon 2.0, 26- 28 August 2019 where Hackers, Coders, and Tech enthusiasts celebrated their passion for hacking.

Festember, NIT, Trichy

OGenie an AI-powered travel assistant - powered by enters NIT, Trichy as Community Partner for their annual event Festember, 6th to 8th October 2019. One of the biggest cultural student fests in South India, was full of energy and a vibrant future as engaged with aspiring students there.

Version Beta, NIT Bhopal

The Genie community continued to grow at the NIT Bhopal Version Beta, which took place from October 11–13. OGenie - powered by worked with the event as a community partner.

Girlscript India Summit

As OGenie worked together as a community partner to this event, NIT Bhopal's Version Beta, which took place from October 11–13, 2019, was recognized as another Genie community-building event.

Ranbhoomi, IIM Indore

On February 1-2, 2020, OGenie joined IIM Indore's executive team as a Community Partner in their yearly festival Ranbhoomi. The IIM Indore Integrated Program in Management students organize Ranbhoomi, the biggest sports festival in Central India.

The Cynical Marketeer

As OGenie becomes a Community Partner of The Cynical Marketeer, our founder, Mr. Vivek Jain - Co-founder of, was also invited to participate as a guest speaker at #TalkToInspire at PIMR Indore in December 2019. The Cynical Marketeer, which featured Indore's uncommon and creative firms like OGenie, was a fantastic event.

Vajra, BIT Mesra

OGenie - powered by becomes a Travel Community Partner for "Vajra," the captivating Sports Festival of BIT Mesra, which takes place in November 2019. Let's play now!

Global Nomad Summit

The first summit for digital nomads from around the world, the Global Nomad Summit, will take place in India from December 6–8, 2019, and OGenie was honored to be a partner in the travel community for this unique occasion.


OGenie - an AI-powered travel assistant by is an Outreach Partner at ASSOCHAM a Startup Launchpad. A special venue where startups can network and pitch investors. Startups can connect with the greatest business executives in the industry through the ASSOCHAM Startup Launchpad and Startup Elevator Pitch Series.

Saarang, IIT Madras

As a Travel Community Partner in their yearly festival Saarang, OGenie - an AI-powered travel assistant visits IIT Madras.


Mr. Vivek Jain, the founder of, speaks as a guest speaker at JITO Angels Network.

Chimera MANIT, Bhopal

At CHIMERA MANIT Bhopal, which takes place on January 17–18, 2020, OGenie is the travel partner.