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Experience the power of Conversational AI- it's not just a voice, it’s intuitive conversations.

Our advanced algorithm makes every tech we build highly smart & empathetic, it's like having a conversation not with AI, but with your buddy.

Revolutionise AI technology with us.

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Who are we?

We create EFFORTLESS FUTURE, by making the world's top technologies accessible across industries, to simplify everyday tasks with advanced, receptive, and evolving artificial intelligence.

Our Services -

Conversational platform
SAAS- Chatbots/Voice Bots.

Natural language understanding

Tech Highlights -

  • Knowledge-based question answering

  • Dialogue policy management based on Hybrid Code Network (HCN)

  • State of the art performance metrics

  • Transformers based NLP engines

  • Paraphrase identification with semantic similarity

Adaptable & Dynamic -

  • Platform Agnostic.

  • Interface Agnostic.

  • Design Agnostic.

  • Supports WhatsApp, Messenger & more.

Conversational AI
made easy -

  • First contact resolution
  • Multi-turn conversation
  • Multi-lingual conversation
  • Context healing
  • Contextual orchestration

Serving more than
10 industries with robust
and human-like chatbot
and voice bots.


From remote diagnosis to OTC prescription, book your appointments with your doctor on single voice command.


Your every travel wish, is now just a conversation away.


Reach your audience with tailored content, and be present 24*7.


Mundane made easy with the power of Conversational AI, from identification of fraud to portfolio management. AI can make banking services super easy & dynamic.


Shift to a new way of keeping in touch and solving customer problems, with a never resting chatbot.


Automation of your customer support services can save you time and convert major cost centres into revenue centres.

Conversational AI boost for every industry.

See you at 23-26 June, 2020 Set Up A Meeting

See you at 23-26 June, 2020

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