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Shivani Shrivastava

Dec 27 • 3 min read

Contact centers after surviving through a pandemic, recession, and many other things…A big question that comes to everybody's mind is, Will AI Replace Human Agents In Call Centers In the Future? Because Cash is no longer King. Today’s consumers expect customer service to be faster and more efficient.

Efficiency is a topmost priority for call centers around the world.

To dizzyingly high customer expectations, call centers and the agents that work in them are under mounting pressure to move fast in order to reduce wait times, lower operating costs, and keep customers satisfied. This means that agents can hardly afford to waste valuable time on manual tasks such as call routing and after-call work; however, these tasks are still essential to call center operations. Fortunately, there is a solution to these pain points of yours: call center automation.

In order to dominate the current flooded and highly competitive business world, you need to adopt unique and creative means of elevating your brand to the outside world to attract more potential customers Voice Automation Has Fueled the Rise of Contact Center Automation.

Call center automation has become an essential aspect of many customer service organizations. Contact centers use technology like conversational AI to relieve agents of certain routine tasks, such as logging information, retrieving data, answering emails, or leading verification so they can focus on more complex interactions with customers. As companies strive for efficiency and improved customer service, call center automation is likely to play a bigger role in the future.

If you haven’t adopted Voice Assistance technology, no worries, Feel human in the room experience with GenieTalk.ai

Tips to improve CX through Voicebot

GenieTalk delivers a delightful customer experience with Voice-Bots automation.

For the people, By the People:

1. While automation is the new talk of the town, its success may cloud the benefits offered by the human touch. You can talk to your Virtual Assistant like you are talking to a real person and it would understand you, and respond back with appropriate answers.

2. Voicebot & Automation in a call is important because it understands context, and sentiments and can invoke actions.

3. Save up to 80% of the agent’s time. Voice bots can reduce these tiring aspects of repetitive customer interaction and free up human agents to handle more cognitively demanding tasks and calls.

4. Our AI-based Lead Verification tool can help you bring down the operational cost by up to 50%.

5. Our virtual assistants handle IVR menus, verify lead info, and qualify prospects, so you and your team can focus on customer conversations.

6. Voicebot helps you to reduce your burden of writing the query of customers in a very short span of time through  Voice to Text Transcription, As the customer is voicing his query, the voice is transcribed into text simultaneously. The text is stored in the database for data analysis.

How Voicebot can do wonders to contact centers

- They never get tired.
- They never sleep.
- Auto-scaling for higher volumes. (100 concurrent calls to start with)
- Run campaigns 24 X 7 X 365


Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly revolutionizing the customer service experience. Voice bots, building on the momentum created by chatbot technology, are poised to become a new standard in the customer care industry. With the latest AI technology, GenieTalk demonstrates how Voice Bot imbues contact center operations with real-time intelligence, precision, and efficiency. 

Check out our solutions with a DEMO You’ll be amazed at the difference.

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