Virtual Assistants Going Beyond Chatbots

Moving from commands to conversations.

Ruchika Drabla

Dec 14 • 3 min read

Chatbots and virtual assistants

Organizations across industries are using chatbots and assistants for a variety of use cases, 

According to Chatbot Life’s 2019 chatbot report, the top 5 industries that benefit from chatbots are 

  • Real estate (28%)
  • Travel (16%)
  • Education (14%)
  • Healthcare (10%)
  • Finance (5%)

There were times when chatbots were only associated with specific keywords and commands to pursue some limited tasks. But today, with the advancement in AI and machine learning, "consumers have become hugely dependent on their virtual assistants to accomplish day-to-day tasks." 

But don’t we want our virtual assistants to go beyond the regular day-to-day task? For them to become more intelligent, intuitive so they can conduct personalized conversations with us?

The inability of a bot to understand natural language, derive context, and comprehend convoluted user behavior limits your chatbots from resolving queries often leading to customer dissatisfaction. Also, as more and more users start interacting with virtual assistants and chatbots, they need to have a more advanced dialogue classification mechanism for them to understand the jargon people use even while saying common sentences. conversational AI is making it possible, making virtual assistants move beyond chatbots.

According to Matt Barby

  • Better bot experiences with more engaged audiences are getting 80-90% response rates. 

  • While even the least favorable experiences are in the 35-40% range. 

Switching to a more intelligent AI experience is helping businesses improve their efficiency to deal with low-level issues thus improving the customer service experience. Also, the inclusion of voice functionality is making conversations easier to conduct and carry forward.


chatbot interaction


But conversational AI is not limited to voice assistants and AI-powered chatbots only. solutions are programs that can perform tasks, answer queries, influence the user to carry out specific actions while conversing with them taking them towards the assigned goals.

Adding a virtual assistant to your business means adding a smart natural language layer between your enterprise and its customers. 

A single point of entry, a knowledge base where all the information needed is available, a support that is readily available, just by being there your virtual assistant can inculcate trust in your customers. 

Go beyond chatbots with Conversational AI

Using deep learning (DL) and natural language understanding (NLU), conversational AI-powered assistants can elevate your customer’s experience. Don’t let down your customers by offering them primitive chatbot solutions that often fall short of providing elevated experiences due to narrow scope and limitations.

With conversational AI you can go beyond translating the available content into chatbot responses. 

Companies embracing conversational AI can offer amazing benefits to their customers including

  1. Offering simple chat and voice functionalities to communicate

  2. An experience of having a friendly assistant by their side

  3. Engage customers by stimulating human-like conversations

Time for you to move from commands to conversations 

AI is influencing entire industries to reshape the world, moving from commands to conversations, covering mundane tasks efficiently, freeing up manpower so you can dedicate your brains to do more creative and challenging work. Slowly yet steadily embedding in your daily lives, virtual assistants like their mobile counterparts will become a part of your everyday lives.

With the host of benefits that conversational AI offers, it is being enthusiastically adopted by an ever-increasing number of enterprises. Another factor that has driven the growth of Conversational AI is its acceptance by customers. conversational AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are always available, easy to talk to, have all the solutions to customer queries, and can offer instant help making them the perfect digital companion to your tech-savvy consumer.

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