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Vinni Malik

Mar 14 • 3 min read

Tele-Verifying the B2B Data through Virtual Assistants

Are you, like most B2B business owners, always looking for new ways to validate lead data, generate more leads, and increase sales & conversions?

If you answered yes, you are not alone in attempting to find answers to these questions.

Finding the time to focus on lead verification while running your organization and keeping up with changes in business dynamics can be demanding and time-consuming with the constant hustle. This is where a virtual assistant can come in handy in ways you never imagined.

A Quick Fact Check: Data Enrichment can be challenging. If not completed on time, it may mean putting your company and goodwill at risk as you contact a never-ending list of cold and dead prospects, lowering your sales. 

It may appear to be an impossible task, but fortunately, it is fairly simple to delegate. The key to success in lead verification is to first establish a budget and then gradually delegate the work to virtual assistants in order to get the most out of it through higher conversions.

Types of Leads Verified:

Before going further with the lead verification process, let’s discuss the types of sales leads in your contact data:

1. Information Qualified Leads:

To convert these leads, you must first understand who they are and what they want. In the absence of data on your IQLs, you must make contact and provide valuable information to help the prospect progress through the sales funnel. Through brand awareness activities or social media marketing, provide a high-level overview of your products and services.

2. Marketing Qualified Leads:

At this point in the customer journey, your company should have several conversations, which could include email inquiries, real-time chats, or targeted email drip campaigns that they've opened. MQLs have developed a sense of brand awareness and inclination and match your TG profile.

You must constantly engage these leads with new information and updates in order to convert them.

3. Sales Qualified Leads:

They are the sales leads who have demonstrated a sustained interest in your products or services, have progressed through the sales pipeline, can be optimized with the appropriate sales and re-engagement strategies, and have a higher chance of conversion.

Invite Insights with Tele-Verification of Data

No information can remain accurate and valid for an extended period of time. To combat data decay, we have introduced AI-powered technology backed by intelligence that specializes in verifying B2B Leads, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Company Names, Key Contacts, Designations, Company Addresses, and so on.

Gone are the days companies used to function in their capacity but outperform it with the quick, and most effective tech solution- Voice AI.

Using our AI-powered algorithm, #GenieVerify can help you eliminate outdated customer data and replace it with up-to-date accurate, and verified information through tele-verifying the leads 1000x faster than the human agent.

Benefits of Lead Verification

The primary benefits here are not only the elimination of data decay but also-

1) Improved Sales Figure: By redirecting your sales team's attention to valid data sets for prospecting, the team can ultimately spend more time focusing their energy on the prominent leads with the highest conversion potential, and gain better insight during sales interactions.

2) Business Development: Growing businesses require a consistent flow of Easy-to-Convert-Leads. Using a virtual assistant having high expertise to automate the process of extracting potential leads allows you to focus your efforts on scaling the growth of your business, saving millions of dollars and manual efforts.

3) High Compliance: AI-powered lead verification through virtual assistants can automate the compliance tasks such as data deletion requests, consent management, and data access requests. This can help ensure that your company complies with GDPR and other regulations without requiring manual intervention.


According to a Harvard Business Review study, 50% of data workers waste time searching for data, discovering and correcting errors, and looking for confirmatory sources for data they don't trust!

Lead generation has never been easier for businesses today. However, if you do not go through the process of verifying the leads that you generate, you may be causing more problems for your business than you realize. Tele-Verifying the leads can help all aspects of a company, especially sales, and marketing.

Looking for a solution that is worth every penny and will give you a higher ROI?

Schedule a call with our AI experts to gain exposure to possibilities that are waiting for you.

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