Upgrade your Conversations with AI-Powered Virtual Assistants

Get Human-like feel in the Room with GenieVerify.

Vinni Malik

Mar 29 • 4 min read

Taking the Conversations to next level with GenieVerify.

Customers prefer hyper-personalized conversations, whether in products, communication, or marketing tactics that are explicitly tailored to their individual preferences.

As personalized service is rapidly becoming the new normal, only 22% of the customers said that they're pleased with the level of personalization they receive.

Therefore industry leaders are investing in AI-driven Virtual Agents in order to make their brand sound and feel more like a human. Conversational voice bots have reduced a significant portion of the workload to a couple of dialogues. However, there may be some barter in the process of personalizing the voice of the virtual assistant.

As a result, customers are frequently dissatisfied when they interact with mechanical sounds that clearly read from a transcript.

With the rise in customers' expectations of brands in the 2020s, they are demanding more personalized conversations.

Before we can make a decision and choose the best strategy for improving conversations, we must first investigate the issue of providing customers with a more human-like experience through AI-powered Voice Assistants.

Defining Voice Agent’s Persona

Here are the main factors to consider when creating your voice bots persona:

1) Target Audience- Your voice bot persona must also be compatible with your customer's demographics, culture, lifestyle, and attitudes, providing them with round-the-clock support.

2) Tonality- Whether you use a voice actor or a synthesizer, make sure the bot's tone and voice are pleasant to the ear, and not cranky.

3) Dialect and Languages- In order to promote healthy engagement between your brand and customers, it is critical to align nuances such as accent, dialect, pitch, pronunciation, and other variations with the voice bot personality.

4) Rebuttals & Deviations- A voice bot should be programmed to handle all the rebuttals and deviations in a conversational exchange efficiently. The virtual agent should acknowledge the user's response and address their concern in real-time to provide a more human-like feel in the room.

Why does your Voice Agent need to sound More Human than ever?

The key is to tailor your message to your industry and your customers. You don't want your customers to be greeted in a robotic or overly alert tone that no one likes to hear. Do You?

How you deliver the message is likely to impact your brand name. That's why it's crucial to increase the pitch of your AI-powered voice robots, which will help create lasting impressions between your brand and customers.

Let’s have a look at the different use cases of AI-powered Virtual Assistants in different industries:

i) While Bank contact centers are equipped to handle various customer inquiries, such as requesting an emailed account statement or resetting a security PIN, the effectiveness of these interactions depends on the voice bot's ability to provide an engaging experience and incorporate a "human touch." Without this personal touch, interactions may not result in lead qualification.

ii) In the Healthcare industry, even basic customer service interactions should strive to create a memorable and positive experience for patients. Patients are seeking compassionate and attentive care, even for simple inquiries like scheduling or canceling appointments. Providing exceptional customer service with a human touch can leave a lasting impression and build stronger relationships between healthcare providers and their patients.

iii) In the Education sector, the voice should be engaging and interesting so that students have a good attention span, A+ experience for webinars, live classes, or recorded sessions, and retention improves with a better experience.

iv) As the E-Commerce industry continues to expand, it is projected that online purchases will account for 95% of all sales by 2040. In this era of digital dominance, customers expect seamless and efficient service, rather than listening to a monotonous voice of a voice assistant. Such customer experiences can be incredibly frustrating and damaging to a brand's reputation. To meet the evolving needs of today's consumers, businesses must prioritize providing engaging and personalized customer service, even in the online realm.

Enhancing the Conversations for B2B Companies

Every aspect of life is being altered by technology, and customer conversations in B2B businesses are no exception. Conversational exchanges are critical in B2B scenarios not only for engaging prospects but also for retaining them and reducing the chances of drop-off.

Organizations are deploying the technology on a never-before-seen scale to elevate conversations because 'CONVERSATIONS ARE THE MOST VALUABLE ASSET FOR A COMPANY.' Customers now would rather interact via digital channels with the aid of our virtual agents- GenieVerify.

If you wish to- i) Get the maximum out of your investments.

ii) Handle your call spikes and high call volumes.

iii) Get more insights out of your conversational exchange.

Then set up a call with us, and let our AI-powered Intelligent Solution, GenieVerify, address all of your customers' inquiries quickly and effectively.

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