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Smart ways contact centers are accelerating revenue growth with AI

Shivani Shrivastava

Dec 07 • 3 min read

Contact Center in 2023 and beyond


  1. Befriend Technology and Reap The Benefits of Voicebots.

  2. Getting to 2023 and beyond.

  3. Indeed, each offers businesses a secret weapon as they navigate what promises to be an unpredictable 2023.

Revenue! If you ask business executives of any company their main aim is to generate revenue for their business and Why not!? Because in the end, it's important for all of us. Artificial intelligence (AI) for call centers isn’t new and talking about Voice AI/ Contact Centers the game has always been of huge importance. According to the Harvard Business Review, calls during the pandemic increased by 50%. 68% saw an increase in customer complaints. With manual routing and hikes still the norm, hold times increased by 34% during the early phases of the pandemic. Not a glowing review of our industry.

In 2023, contact centers will continue to deploy even more advanced technologies, solutions, and applications. Then, Why not with us?

Q. What’s Changing in Contact Centers in 2023?

Talking to the Genietalk experts, In 2023, the contact center will evolve into a business hub that not only provides consistent experiences but also helps support more personalized and engaging interactions. With all the latest tools and technologies we automate Outbound calls, inbound calls, and service calls, making your revenue 10x. 

GenieTalk will help you in all possible ways.

For profit-focused contact centers, identifying growth opportunities is dependent on the ability to translate insights into revenue to drive expansion and increase conversion rates which you can increase with GenieTalk.

The contact center has evolved into the present state where it is the key interface between brands and customers, but for most of this time, it has always been considered to be a cost to the business. The truth is that the interface with your customers is an enormous opportunity; with the right approach and tools, you can leverage these customer interactions to create fantastic sales opportunities.

Getting to 2023 and beyond

The contact center is under huge pressure to achieve the targets with competing demands. Adopting and implementing new technologies to meet these demands should be seen as strategic initiatives that enhance every contact center metric – agent productivity and engagement, company profitability, customer engagement and experience, and more.

- Omnichannel

- Cloud


- AI

- Voicebot & Chatbots

These are the 5 trends that will overtake our industry in 2023.   

Top Investments that are revenue-generating for contact centers you should invest with GenieTalk: 

Business benefits of Voice Assistant

1. Tele Verifications through Voice AI: Today, digital channels, especially AI-enabled voice, are being adopted to help scale contact centers further. For example, AI-enabled voice systems are used to help customers navigate through a variety of self-service options, and then route them to the right agent when needed. It helps in lead generation marketing automation.

2. RCM (Revenue cycle management): RCM is the financial procedure that healthcare institutions utilize to track patient care episodes from registration to appointment scheduling through the final payment of a balance. Our AI-powered Voicebots can process a high number of claims against different insurers within minutes with a 100%  accuracy rate.

3. Insights: Insights allow users of all skill levels to understand what the model is doing “behind the scenes,” and our voice bot is Sentiment and Speech Analytics which understand interactions, sentiments, or gaps and improve customer experience.

4. VoiceBot: The IVR is the first point of contact for a customer. In a traditional IVR scenario, a customer follows multiple, cumbersome steps: press one for service, two for support, three for sales, and so on and on…It's complicated, it’s annoying, and it often causes many customers to hang up.” 

But GenieTalk.ai has changed it all.

Today, AI-powered voice assistants provide a seamless experience. The customer reaches an agent in seconds, as the bot understands the customer’s intent from just a few spoken words.

In 2023, the customer experience is increasingly digital and consistent across channels. But there are also more personalized interactions that help customers get what they need. The trend to incorporate the advanced capabilities of AI technology into outbound call center operations will continue in 2022, as lead generation. With AI-Voicebot for your contact center, you can improve costs, productivity, and sales to grow in 2022 and beyond.

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