Let AI Transform Your Business To Supercharge Your Success

Processes, products, services- Let your organisation to be driven by AI

Ruchika Drabla

Jan 12 • 2 min read

Supercharge your business with AI

Whether you run a local company or a global organisation, AI can make a big difference to any business. But before you start assessing how you can implement artificial intelligence in your business, you need to know what all are possible with AI. To make it more clear, how your competitors are using AI to drive success.

There are basic 3 business areas where organisations are using artificial intelligence

  1. Improving Business Processes

AI can be integrated into any of your departments HR, marketing, sales, customer service, logistics, IT and more to help you analyse, improve and strategize business processes

  2. Developing Smart Products

A lot of products created these days are smart, thanks to the IoT. It started out with smartphones and now there are smart devices of all kinds including speakers, watches, security, voice assistants, office chairs and even smart toilets. 

Smart products are designed to remove the hassle and add convenience to a user’s life. 

  3. Offering Personalised Service

Addressing a customer by their first name is not personalisation, it goes beyond that. Offering them services based on their preferences at the right time with the help of data that provides the insights to know a customer better.

Importance of digital transformation

Where should you focus on- Processes, Product, Service?

Your business is different than your competitor, the industry is the same but the way you conduct your business would definitely differ. And so, the way you decide to implement AI solutions in your business would also differ. For AI to give you desired results, it should be aligned with your business goals and for that, you need to identify where AI can help. 

One of the three areas might be your priority, but do you know, AI-driven businesses tend to be more successful? Also, AI can add surprising improvements and values to your business model or even lead you to a new better model that you never thought of.

More and more product companies are switching to being service providers using AI and ML to wisely use their data to enhance their business processes. 

Let our AI solutions transform your business to supercharge your success.

Written by

Ruchika Drabla

Growth & Marketing Head at GenieTalk.ai

Marketing growth professional with 9+ years of experience in all verticals of Performance Marketing, I'm an AI enthusiast and loving my role as Growth leader in Conversational AI startup GenieTalk.ai

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