It’s Your Call, What Call you should Automate in 2023

Transform your contact center with the power of Voice AI

Shivani Shrivastava

Jan 23 • 3 min read

Have you ever thought! How Is AI Shaping the Future of Contact Centers?

Artificial intelligence isn’t going anywhere. It’s beginning to take the lead on customer satisfaction, but not without challenges. With technology providing the means to get everything within reach, every business is striving for more automation. Mainly call center automation trends are getting buzz in the market. Years ago, interacting with a branded bot was a pain for customers. It meant pressing numbers on a telephone keypad (or hitting 0 repeatedly) but not getting the right answers, typing questions into a website chat box while trying desperately to find a customer service phone number. Those interactions often ended in frustration and anger. But those days are gone. The unique business goals, requirements, and challenges of a contact center mean that these businesses are always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience(CX). As technology advances, a new suite of call center automation tools is being created. To automate a new tool to enhance your contact center business came up with an ‘AI-VOICEBOT’ automation tool for your contact center.

What is Contact Center Automation?

Contact Center Automation is a way of managing contact center operations, such as having conversations with customers, through bots with no or partial interference from human agents. It eliminates or significantly reduces the need for human intervention.

Benefits of Contact Center Automation

1. Reduce Operational Costs:  Since automation can take some of the manual tasks off your agents’ plates and free up their availability for callers who genuinely need them, it can save you a lot of money.
2. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Increasingly competitive marketplace, satisfied customers are more important than ever before customers love the 24/7 assistance from AI-Powered Voicebots they can have customer service anytime, not just during office hours.
3. Eliminate Errors: When human agents perform the same, mundane tasks for hours at a time, there are a lot of chances that some or the other mistake will happen. The good news is that call center automation can remove errors from your processes and allow for smoother, more efficient operations.
4. 24/7 Customer Service: You’ll be able to expand your service hours and channels, supporting your customers when and where they prefer.
5. Reduce Cost and increase Digital sales: Contact center automation saves you the costs involved in recruiting, training, and operating support agents and telemarketing teams. AI-Powered Voicebots provide information related to your products and services and point your customers in the right direction, which helps customers make decisions faster.

Call Center Automation

What calls can you automate?

Automation can improve and simplify many aspects of your call center. Here are some of the most common areas you might want to ensure your chosen call center software can cover.


Lead verification Automation: If you have a lot of prospects, automated lead verification calls can make your lead generation process seamless.  Voicebot makes calls, asks questions, and tags call based on the answers provided by the prospects. The bot can schedule an appointment with sales reps too.

First call resolution rate: First call resolution or FCR is a metric that shows how well your call center resolves your customers’ issues and questions during the first interaction. Since many customer problems can be addressed through Voicebot automation, you can quickly increase your FCR.

Call Scheduling Automation:  In the past, outbound calling was mostly associated with spammy sales calls but that’s no longer the case. If a customer wants to renew their contract, a lead states they’re ready to buy a product or a website visitor requests a callback on your website, for example, you can automatically schedule calls to meet their needs.


If you hope to improve customer service, boost employee morale, reduce costs and stand out from the competition, call center automation is ideal for implementing it. Virtual agents working alongside human agents can help you scale your business, remain open 24/7/365, solve problems more consistently, and make your customer’s efforts effortless. With the help of your tenacious human agent problem-solvers, you can enhance and optimize your call center.

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