Is Voice AI eliminating customer service jobs? Debunking the Myth!

Let's examine the most common voice synthesis myths and determine whether or not they are true.

Anshul Sukhramani

Oct 11 • 3 min read

Voice AI in customer service


recent study assessed the worldwide AI market size at $87 billion in 2021 and predicted a CAGR of 38.1% from 2022 to 2030. The artificial intelligence sector is expanding at an astonishing rate. One of the most exciting uses of artificial intelligence in technology is voice recognition. When statistics like these are released, it's usual to see familiar headlines in the media and on LinkedIn, such as "AI is eating up the workforce" and "AI is coming for your job." However, this story is not entirely true. Voice AI has the unparalleled capacity to transform the way contact centers operate by automating countless customer interactions and relieving customer service representatives of the burden of tedious, repetitive work. However, does this imply that AI will eliminate jobs in customer service?

Let's unveil how Voice AI affects contact centers, human agents, and operations.

Voice AI Can Solve the Most Complex Contact Center Challenges

Rather than replacing employees, Voice AI is more likely to take over specific tasks and activities. Although automation is anticipated to have some impact on all sorts of jobs, customer service and data-related jobs, such as data entry, collection, and processing, are two industries that are anticipated to be most impacted by AI.

Here are ways in which a conversational AI solution can assist you in resolving the most important contact center issues.

- The most common requests can be automated.

- Digital Voice agents are available round-the-clock.

- Human agents, when aided by Digital Voice Agents, are happier and more likely to stay at their workplace.

- Intelligent Voice Agents can easily scale up and down the call volumes.

benefits of voice ai in contact center

Voice AI for Improving Human Agents' Day-to-Day Work

Let's examine the problem from the viewpoint of the human agent.

A human agent can't make “n” number of outbound calls to users on the same scale that a digital voice agent can. Authenticating callers, providing account balances, and updating phone numbers and addresses are examples of mundane operations that are easily automated.

An Intelligent AI-powered bot can route more complex queries to human agents, whose skills can be best used for such requests. If the caller needs to talk with a human agent, the transfer is contextual and intelligent. This way, human agents will address more relevant issues, feeling more motivated and helpful as a result.

Voice AI can enhance human agents' daily tasks and enable them to concentrate on more important tasks rather than "steal" their jobs.

Voice AI Makes It Easier for Machines and People to Work Together

People worry that new technologies might be dangerous whenever they first appear. As an illustration, consider the First Industrial Revolution, when industrialization was initially perceived as a threat. When the first home computers were introduced and data began to be digitally stored, a similar event occurred at the start of the Digital Revolution.

It's not very likely that robots will entirely replace human contact center agents in the next few years. The collaboration of voice bots and humans will be the most likely route to success.

“By 2025, 60% of organizations with the voice of the customer (VoC) programs will supplement traditional surveys by analyzing voice and text interactions with customers, according to Gartner, Inc.

Efficiency, effectiveness, and empathy are required for a seamless customer experience, and these qualities can only be attained through a combination of human and automated work—what we refer to as augmented intelligence.

Through various touch-points like voice and chat our bot can understand customer needs and help them by offering the best services.

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