How To Optimize Sales Funnel and Increase Conversion With Chatbots?

Learn how to leverage chabots to build and optimize your conversion funnel

Shubham Neupane

Jun 08 • 5 min read

Sales funnel optimization with chatbots

Businesses are working on digitalization and effective CX. In addition to supporting customers over different channels, business owners need to focus on making a profit. Some firms working on optimization can barely make it to break even. Sometimes it is ambiguous why the results are not there.

While you are doing everything right, lead generation will work for sure. You might have an eye-catching call to action, organized content, an excellent copy. Eventually, all these are not working for you. Well, there is a lot more optimization than you think.

Go beyond your imagination. Think out of the box. Page layout and copywriting are not enough. I think this is why we are here. 

Nurture your leads because they are going to bring you business. Guess what? You need not pay a penny for that.

Let's discuss what we mean about the sales funnel.

What is the Sales Funnel?

Looking forward to the conversion path of potential customers is the sales funnel or conversion funnel. You can improve the lead generation process with the help of a wide range of platforms, such as paid marketing, organic or natural marketing. However, the number of site visitors is very high, many dropping off on various levels. A very few of the visitors reach the final destination.

So we know now why we call it a funnel!

Dropping off of the leads happens due to multiple reasons. It can be a technical issue or misalignment. Gen-Zs lack patience. Hence, slow response time leads to the drop-off. You can always analyze these issues. If they are curable, take action on them. It will increase the rate of convertible leads.

The sales funnel follows the AIDA sequence - Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action.

Each step comes with more challenges. However, theoretical sayings are a lot different from what happens practically. It is not simple to implement as it is a one-way street. What you see are random numbers. And you can do nothing about it. Make sure your path doesn't end at checkout. 

For being long term in the market, you need to see beyond sales. It can be anything. It might affect no one, might help you or might backfire. 

Let's see what you can do more!

See how chatbot optimizes the sales funnel.

Let's understand each step of lead conversion with the help of chatbots, ensuring the sales journey is hassle-free.

Acquisition Stage

The first stage of the customer journey is indeed generating leads. It includes paid advertising, top-funnel resources and forms. In this early stage, a conversational bot helps in gathering data in some specific ways.

A conversational landing page is one of how bots work for sales simply with the CTA button. The conversation happening on landing pages increases the leads at a high pace.

Social media ads proved to be the most effective campaigns of all. As these networks are accessible via the phone, it's easy to get in touch with potential leads. 

Contact forms might not be the most famous way of capturing leads. However, it assesses the visitors on the spot, bringing quality leads and easily convertible ones.

Chatbot banner fails to gain trust, and unattractive UX makes it the least favourite of customers. But in terms of bringing leads, these ads result in qualitative ones. You can capture leads without investing in banner ads.

Activation Stage

This stage is the most fragile one and hence is known as lead nurturing. In this step, a lot of prospects drop off your sales funnel. The reason being they don't get what they expected. Some of the visitors must not be ready for purchase; they are just planning it. Indeed the crucial part is lost, but you have got some right!

Chatbots are quintessential for nurturing leads and boost your conversion rate. Chatbots deliver what the visitors want even before they ask. See how these bots work for you.

Email segmentation: Marketers considered email segmentation the most effective way of lead nurturing. It makes sure the right message goes to the right person. Hence, it helps you acquire the right prospects at the right time, especially when they're still considering your products or services.

Optimize sales funnel with chatbots

Deliver personalized content: Chatbot driven content strategy is the best way to nurture potential leads. AI bots save the time of the customers and keep them informed. With the information so found while having the conversation, you can serve the customers accordingly.

Action Stage

It's the sales stage. All the records say the bots can work even at this stage. Yes! You heard that right. Let's have a look at how these bots make it to the sales.

Quick responses always make customers delighted. You probably know that the first vendor who responds gets the most sales. Well, the chatbot helps you with hot leads that are easier to convert.

Schedule meetups according to the customer's preference is always suggested. Generally, potential customers couldn't make it at a specific time. An intelligent virtual assistant lets them decide the time of conversation. And in no time, you can call it a 'deal'. 

Enabling transactions is one of the best ways to crack a deal. Why make it complicated and give the customer a second chance of consideration. If the journey is concluding, pay right away and call it a wrap.

After-sale Stage

Completing a sale is not the only part you play. You work for retention and loyalty. So after sales, you need to work on support which they expect after paying you. Following things, you can adapt to provide after-sale services.

Support after sales is something you can't ignore if you want to ensure a great customer experience. You can't hire executives for everything. Hence, it's a bot for you.

Feedback always makes you better. Human agents can not go and take responses from each customer. The bot can do it for you. Bots are even capable of making it enjoyable and tolerable.

Hence, a sales funnel is vital for the success of any business.

Try new things, get yourself done with optimization. It increases the conversion rate and brings you potential leads. Compliment your funnel today. 

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