How To Deploy Chatbots Across Customer Journeys To Enhance CX?

Integrate AI chatbots into your customer's journey

Ruchika Drabla

Apr 23 • 4 min read

Chatbot customer journey

Amidst the past two years of upheavals, many things have become normal overnight, including chatbots becoming the new CX friend for customers. It was not a long back when people could not even consider the human-powered live chats efficient. Considering chatbots for sales, lead generation, and conversions was not something to look upon in the recent past.

With the current growth, chatbots are accepted by customers, companies and used for sales too. Apart from minimizing the cost incurred, it also provides the solution to multiple queries at the same time and prevents spam. From the introduction to feedback, everything can be taken care of by a chatbot.

However, this concept contradicts that 57% of customers prefer interacting with a human agent as it gives them a sense of connection. With the efficiency of chatbots, people started accepting this technology, but human intervention will be there. For complex issues or if the customer wants, the communication can be taken over by a human agent.

Let's look into the journeys where chatbots excel at providing a superb experience to your customers.

Promoting your brand

Flexibility in the bots allows the customers to relate with them on different levels. The identity of your business is your brand. Therefore, while providing the services, it's important to keep consistency and modify according to the customers' tone at the same time.

Humanizing your brand with its perfect representation reflects your target audience by giving a personal touch and also increases the engagement of the customer. By understanding the mood, chatbots give personal touch representing your brand in every aspect.


Initially, chatbots were known only for resetting or informing the details. But chatbots have evolved a lot since then. It adapts the responses of customers and understands their language. Multilinguality gives the customers a human touch, and although it has its limitations, it proves to be helpful to a certain extent.

However, it's somehow a little bit difficult to get it right, but once you get it right, the crowd can be gathered and will consider your business. With the growing trend of AI-based chatbots, businesses are keeping it in the frontline. With adaptability, it assists the customer on every turn of its sales journey.


How can Chatbots Help In Improving Customer Experience Infographic

Efficient administration

Most of the time, customers want to convey the issue to the concerned person. They do not want an immediate solution. In such scenarios, chatbots come into play. Customers have their commitments between working hours, and so they want to discuss things according to them.

Chatbots can provide information to the customers with a precise close-ended set of questions. It also allows the customer to connect the human agent if the bot is unable to solve the issue. The reports of IBM suggest that chatbots can decrease the expenses by 8 billion by 2022, which is huge compared to 2017.


A study of Harvard's Business School suggests that people need swift solutions to problems rather than a completely accurate one. With the processing of natural language, the issues of customers can be recognised before answering. Hence, it is always suggested to encourage simple and repetitive issues to be solved by chatbots.

Speedy solutions which are non-interactive are taken care of by bots with ease. When it comes to emotions, human-to-human interaction is something mandatory that can not be taken care of by bots, but it works efficiently when it comes to troubleshooting.

Increasing engagement

A friendly icon welcoming you on the various websites brings nothing but engagement. It has been proved that customers are more likely to go to the last step of the sales funnel if the engagement is there. It not only captivates the audience but also brings potential customers and helps in converting the leads.

CEO of social media giant Facebook once said that with bringing informality between the friends, initiating a conversing application brought a huge difference. Chatbots give you the same option to have a friendly conversation with the business they are dealing with. The addition of a chatbot at the corner of your website will not only gather attraction but will also bring a sense of friendship between you and potential buyers.

At your service round the clock

In the fastest-growing world, people generally connect with the companies at odd hours. Some of the brands even started a trend of 'midnight sale' with the increasing pattern of late-night scrolling. Robots can work without stopping. At these anti-social hours, bots can assist the customer with a feasible solution.

It's a known fact that companies pay more at the odd hours to the employees to give customers available services. It offers a positive experience to the customers, but chatbot can replace this act to provide seamless services and save a significant amount of money.

Enhancing customer experience with chatbots

There is no surprise in gulping the fact that, in the coming years, the whole customer service department will be taken care of by automation, and human intervention will be removed.

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