How Do Chatbots Help To Grow Your Business?

Adopt a chatbot strategy in your business

Pallavi Jaisinghani

Dec 03 • 3 min read

AI chatbots for business

Adopt a chatbot strategy in your business

How do you feel when you visit a new website and it takes a few extra seconds to load?

What about when you have to wait for a few hours for the customer executive to get back to you on an urgent query?

In this fast-moving world, it is senseless to expect your customers to wait for hours to get a solution. To keep the customer experience and satisfaction high, a timely answer is key. But the question here is not how as a customer you feel about these things but what as a business owner are you doing to fulfill the evolving demands. 

There are no dearth of services, if you aren’t able to give your customer a good experience, they will be forced to switch. And, with more choices than ever, customers are becoming impatient. What they expect from your business is support and quick response that you can offer them at all times with chatbot.  

80% of marketers plan to start using a chatbot in some way or another by 2020. (Oracle)

Chatbots Have Transformed The Way Organizations Communicate With Their Customers

While AI has made ways in our everyday lives, it actually is a complicated technology, still evolving, and not everyone understands how to harness the power of AI for their business. However, chatbots are finding their place across industries and with conversational AI powering them, they are becoming more and more advanced providing smart and intuitive services.

How Chatbots Can Help Grow Your Businesses 


Adopting conversational AI and voice strategy in your business can help retain your existing customers while you win more customers. Let’s see how chatbot help your business improve it’s customer support and service

1. Real-time communication

Selling online and on social media means engaging your customers 24x7x365. Chatbots prove to be a competitive advantage as they not only generate leads but also respond to queries instantly offering support at all times. By interacting with prospects and customers in real-time, chatbots help prevent your users from moving away to check your competitors.

2. Give contextual support conversational-AI powered chatbots are powerful tools and unlike what most marketers and businesses think of a chatbot, they are not just meant to answer FAQ. Customer support is actually a small part of a chatbot's benefits. It is more about delivering value, contextual support by using the data the chatbot has on the customer. Through the data, the chatbot is able to offer personalized conversational support to a customer turning it into a memorable experience. 

3. Close the sale

Prospects inquiring online or on social media are often doing so because they are thinking of making a purchase at that moment itself. Closing visitors in real-time by answering their purchase questions can prevent them from visiting competitors and maybe closing the sale. 

4. Analyze user’s needs chatbots with the help of machine learning and data learning can get a deep understanding of the user, which in turn helps businesses from losing a customer. The conversational AI bots learn from experiences, and the more a user talks to the bot, the more it will be able to deliver a personalized experience. 

5. Human-like conversation

Chatbots using technology like natural language processing (NLP) can engage and talk with customers the same way a human customer support agent would. It helps bots to understand user’s queries to give the value-added response the moment a query arises keeping customers interested.




Implementing chatbots is a smart choice for your business if you wish to increase your customer base while boosting customer engagement. 

Customers have higher expectations these days and to meet their expectations more businesses are using this emerging technology as chatbots give companies the ability to be extremely responsive. And with the conversational nature of bots, you can build a human touch to the conversation, adding value to the customer support.

Also, chatbots are cost-efficient and easy to integrate into your already-running system to move consumers through the sales funnel by delivering them personalization at scale.

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