How conversational AI and automation are changing customer service

Transform customer experience with these innovative ways

Janak Chawda

May 13 • 3 min read

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The speedy digital transformation and the work from home lifestyle during the pandemic has given us a new perspective, a different way of living. Apart from opening up new opportunities ahead, we can also rethink how we use artificial intelligence (AI). Conversational AI is not a new concept in our lives and is present in our day to day lives, such as Google Assistant or Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa we all carry in our pockets.

With the social distancing, the traditional call centres were the first to get closed due to small gaps between two agents. In such scenarios where the requirement of customer support was crucial, we couldn't make it through these call centres.

Conversational AI comes with the solutions, assisting the customer round the clock and can save a lot of costs incurred in hiring and retaining human agents.

Let us understand how it is changing the customer's experience.

1. Better engagement at a lower cost

Technology is now handy. Gen-Y and Gen-Z are comfortable with solving the issues on their own. A study by Deloitte says that 56% of companies in the technology and multimedia industries are all set to invest in AI customer support. A significant amount of $1.3 trillion spent on the service requests undertaken in a year.

Bringing in AI increases customer engagement as most of them are tech-friendly, and it also lowers the cost by solving the repetitive issues on their own. There can be further cost-saving as the existing staff can take care of the issues directed to them. No new hirings will be required. With machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), a cloud-based AI platform gives a human-like experience to the customers.

2. Reduce query resolution time with conversational automation

Amid COVID, people started taking automated solutions seriously. A recent survey shows that 42% of the respondents reached out to customer support for various queries. There were many concerns related to travelling, insurance, banking during the pandemic. AI solutions reduce the servicing time to 2 minutes. Automated technology was there for customers even when nobody else was there.

With the reduction of time in solving the issues, conversational AI also comes with first call resolution. It understands unstructured queries and provides solutions to the customers based on their intent. With its data analytics, conversational analytics, IVR systems associate with customers' emotions and reply to them accordingly.
How conversational AI and automation are changing customer service

3. Personalize the experience for better engagement

Conversational AI is capable of understanding the voice, biometric of the person who is using it. AI can process the data and provide navigation rerouting, assisting the customer with what the person is asking for. Likewise, it gives its best in offering personalized services to the customer and serving whatever they ask.

With the machine learning algorithms, you can predict each customer's requirements. When offering personalized services, businesses see an increase of 20% in sales. Such personalized offerings proved to increase engagement as well. It gives customers a delightful experience, and the chances of customers coming to you increases.

Through various touch-points like voice and chat, the bot can understand customer needs and help them by offering the best services.

Get your custom bot with GenieTalk.

Conversational AI is a must-have for a business. Not only because it reduces the cost, but it also provides the best services in very little time. It leverages the business continuity strategy and transforms customer support in the coming future. GenieTalk brings you this technology to explore more about providing services. Your business can grow at an accelerated pace if your human agents and AI work together, aiming for the same goal.

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