How Can Chatbots Help Retailers Grow Their Business?

Chatbots are transforming the way millions of people shop.

Janak Chawda

Mar 11 • 3 min read

Conversational AI in retail

Customers are not interested to know your business setup, they want to buy the products or services they need, and with it, they expect superior service.

Keeping customers engaged

Did you know,

Compared to disengaged customers, engaged customers produce 23% more in wallet share, profitability revenue, and relationship growth.

Every day, new players are popping up, taking a share from both offline and online businesses. To stay ahead in the competition, you need to keep your customer engaged. Chatbots are the perfect way to do that and more.

1. 8 out of 10 consumers who have drawn in with a chatbot report it as a generally positive customer experience. (Uberall)

2. Low engagement bots see 35-40% response rates. Better bot encounters can bring about 80-90% reaction rates. (Matthew Barby)

3. 90% of organizations report quicker complaint resolution with bots.

Turning generic digital experiences into a personalized experience chatbots can turn the traditional digital experiences of your shoppers into personalized conversational engagements. Engagements are available round-the-clock, meaning the moment a shopper wishes to interact, the conversational AI bot is there to respond.

With chatbots, your shoppers can:

1. Access customer service across all integrated channels

2. Browse and purchase products

3. Transact through simple conversations

4. Request order status

5. Receive alerts on in-store inventory

6. Receive advice in real-time

7. Share customer feedback

8. Get product-related information

Chatbots can also work for the retail enterprise workforce.

More than consumer-facing bots, business-to-business (B2B) bots are proving attractive to investors. (Business Insider)

As a retail business owner, you know where you struggle most - inventory management, IT support, marketing, and sales. These are some of the areas that continually hinder growth and profitability.

To meet the workforce needs, you need to invest in enterprise software, build custom apps and websites. But, chatbots can keep you out of this spending cycle. Our AI-powered conversational chatbots help your staff get tasks done efficiently.

With chatbots, your retail enterprise can:

1. Connect systems and apps to streamline your workflows

2. Automate tasks and execute workflows

3. Cut time and overhead costs across teams

4. Free up your staff from the mundane everyday tasks

As a business owner, chatbots offer more benefits other than just engaging your customers or freeing up your employees.

1. No abandoned carts

Your shopping bot can work as an eCommerce tool that engages customers to know their preferences and purchase behaviour.

2. Intelligent broadcasting

Retail bots can help you improve targeting your customers by creating tailored broadcasting messages that engage your customers.

3. Omnichannel experience

Retail bots can ensure a smooth purchase experience across any channel your customers prefer.

4. Platform integration

Your retail bot can integrate with business platforms to become a one-stop solution for a complete customer journey.

5. Increased conversion rate

Chatbots can lead potential customers through the sales funnel via intuitive conversations.

6. Enhanced customer experience

As the bot is available 24x7, the customer can engage with the bot any time of the day and receive a prompt response.

Why retailers need chatbots infographic

Is a chatbot for your retail business a good idea?

Chatbots for retail help business owners to increase customer satisfaction levels, leading to a positive impact on revenue margins. Further, chatbots are easy to integrate and intuitive, making them a win-win option for both your business and customers.

Will your retail business benefit from a chatbot?

Just answer a few questions, and you will understand why your retail business needs a chatbot to increase your business.

-Do you have a business process to automate?

-Does your business handle customer orders?

-Do you provide customer service?

-Is your company present on social media?

-Do your employees need assistance with customer support?

-Do your customers engage with your brand on social media?

If your answer is yes, even for a single question, integrating a chatbot is your solution.

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