How AI is revolutionizing call centers throughout the world?

Automate customer services and improve productivity without compromising over the service quality with AI.

Anshul Sukhramani

Nov 08 • 3 min read

AI in Contact Center

Call centers have relied on cutting-edge technology for decades, from first-generation call-routing systems, that routed customers to the first available agents to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, that millions of customers use today. However, very little of it led to customer satisfaction but with the early use of AI, the situation has radically altered. Customers now have far higher expectations. They would no longer tolerate excessive wait times, evasive customer care representatives, or handoffs. Today, all it takes is one terrible encounter to turn away a client for good.

Fact Check: Many people believe that call centers are the new hub for AI-powered customer experience, equipped with various cutting-edge capabilities that can increase customer retention, loyalty, and ultimately, revenue and profit.

Let’s look at how AI revamps the call center—and helps to redefine the customer experiences.

1. Smarter Call Routing:

AI-powered virtual assistants can understand the customer journey and consumer personas, this technology depends on customer behavior profiles. In other words, each customer's experience can be highly tailored in terms of both customer service and overall experience. In order to match each question with the agent best suited to handle a particular sort of customer and query, the program will examine natural propensities and communication styles. This will ensure that tickets are closed quickly and effectively, freeing up time for everyone.

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2. Operational Performance:

If you want to be competitive, especially against large organizations with greater bargaining power, you must cut inefficiencies and streamline operational processes as much as feasible. Customers anticipate prompt responses from the businesses they patronize when they have a problem. Workflow automation's major objective is to make life easier for your employees so they can work more productively. Artificial intelligence (AI) powered virtual assistants can be integrated into your routine business operations to reduce the amount of manual work required of your agents, allowing them to focus more time on activities that benefit your bottom line.

Cloud Call Center Analytics

3. Real-time Call Analytics: 

Data visibility is crucial for a call center to function successfully. Your managers need metrics on agent performance and call flows, and your agents need analytics of the customer experience. Real-time dashboards can be used to monitor the state of the cloud and AI capabilities. Additionally, you have access to more thorough data that provides a transparent view of performance and customer satisfaction (CSAT).

4. Empowering the Agents:

Contact Center AI is integrated directly into your call center service workstations for agents, giving them access to real-time information about the data collected, the likely outcome of the call, and much more. Response times are quicker, as a result, call resolution rates are greater, and call center agents are happier and more motivated as a result of having access to better performance-enhancing technologies.

The bot can direct complex queries for human agents to handle, enhancing efficiency and adding excitement to their everyday work. The bots ensure that customers don't feel isolated and that the company is available to them all. They inform the customers that they will get the resolution in some time.

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