How a Free Chatbot Boosts Your Business Growth Strategy?

Know about different types of chatbots and choose one that fits your business requirement

Shubham Neupane

Mar 03 • 4 min read

Free Chatbot for businesses

So you visited a website and interacted with a chatbot and up pops an idea, “Can I have a chatbot on my website? Will it be helpful to my business”?

Or you already have a live chatbot on your platform but aren’t sure how it is adding value to your customers and business?

As an online entrepreneur, you should know that

1. While looking for answers to simple queries, 74% of users prefer chatbots. (PSFK)

2. 24% of endeavours, 15% of average-sized companies, and 16% of independent ventures use chatbots. (Spiceworks)

Chatbots are doing amazingly well in sales, marketing, and support as customers enjoy interacting with intuitive chatbots. Also, chatbots help make business more accessible and responsive. And, the best part, you can create a chatbot for your website within a day without needing a developer or coding skills.

1. Virtual client aides assist associations with decreasing 70% call, chat, and email requests. (Gartner)

2. 57% of specialists said that chatbots bring significant ROI with negligible exertion. (Accenture)

Build Your Free Chatbot

Still unsure how a chatbot can boost your online business?

Let’s see some ways how a chatbot can transform the way you do business.

1. Chatbots automate a lot of functions freeing up your executives to focus on other valuable tasks.

2. Chatbots save a lot of resources- yours and your customers.

3. Chatbots helps in generating new leads.

4. Chatbots also help in increasing conversion rates.

5. Chatbots makes customer service more responsive, efficient, and accessible by being available 24x7.

6. Chatbots enhance customer experience with person-specific communication.

chatbot benefits for businesses

Now, let us dive into the use cases of chatbots for your growing business.

1. Say hello to your visitor

Not greeting your visitor is rude, and you wouldn’t want to be rude to your prospective customer. Would you? A unique visitor comes to your online store, and you greet them with a welcome message and if it’s a customer, that helps in personalizing customer experience, a discount, or a recommendation.

You can also add to the personalization by greeting your visitors in their local language, depending on their location.

2. Do not let your visitor go, just yet

Not all visitors would stay on your website, but you can persuade some to explore and maybe turn a sale. So how can your chatbot stop the visitor from leaving?

So when the customers are about to leave the window (duh :P by moving the mouse cursor, you’d know), the chatbot can either ask a quick question or share some information to engage the user in starting a conversation. It can either help you save a lead or get some feedback.   

3. Pay more attention to your customer service

Pay more attention to your customer service

23% of client care associations are utilizing AI chatbots. (Salesforce)

80% of customers who have used chatbots report the experience as positive. (Uberall)

A chatbot who answers all the FAQs or allows your customers to check their order status or a bot that shares product updates or new offers to your customers. Just imagine how much time and resources you can save if your bot does all this work and the positivity your customers will experience towards your brand because all of this happens within minutes.

4. You don’t like abandoned carts, nor will your chatbots

When you send an abandoned cart email, there’s no guarantee whether the customer opens your email even in like 24 hours. Don’t go on our words,

The average email opt-in rate across all verticals is 1.95%. (Sumo)

So why wait for your customer to open the abandoned cart email when your chatbot can prompt them right away, throwing in an incentive while they complete their purchase. An abandoned cart is one of the biggest issues faced by store owners across all industries, and the abandoned cart recovery chatbot can be an ideal solution.

5. Your chatbot can take feedbacks

Your chatbot can continue to serve customers even post their purchases by asking them to participate in a survey or ask for feedback. This data can be used for future chatbot iterations. You can also ask for feedback or suggestions on your services, basically engage your customers to make them feel special.

Make Your Chatbot Your Virtual Conversation Agent. 

Easier to build, faster to set up, and affordable for SMEs, chatbots can hold an online conversation based while performing specific actions in response to specific events.

So how do you build a chatbot?

Register with GenieTalk to build and integrate a chatbot with your website. We offer default chatbot scripts, but if you want a customized chatbot, go ahead and edit templates to create a chatbot tailored to your business requirements.

Remember, the best chatbots are the ones that work intuitively. Build your chatbot like now.

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