GenieTalk Receives Its First Round Of Angel Investment Of $750,000

We are super thrilled and are excited to share this news with you.

Ruchika Drabla

Sep 28 • 2 min read

Angel Investment of $750,000

GenieTalk Receives Its First Round Of Angel Investment Of $750,000 With A Valuation Of $10 Million.

We are super thrilled and are excited to share this news with you.

GenieTalk got funded!

We received our first round of angel investment of $750,000 from Shankeshwar Technologies LLP for phase one leading to our current valuation to $10 million. 

We are on a mission to help businesses across industries build tailored and personalized AI-powered virtual assistants more often referred to as chatbots and voice bots and this funding has further boosted our mission. We will use this funding in a lot of areas including R&D, hiring more AI talent, marketing our AI solutions and continuous training of our existing team. 

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It’s been a tough time for everyone but this funding has truly lifted our spirits. 

“We are doing what Google & Facebook are doing with billions of dollars & unlimited resources, in minimal resources, remote location & with few but immensely talented AI brains in the country. To be honest, AI tech is in the nascent stage & it will take years to reach our goal & the pandemic has super accelerated this growth & made it the need of the hour. Suddenly all people around us are looking for AI solutions, the kind of demand we envisioned in the next five years is happening now.” - Ankit Kimtee

Chatbots are the need of the hour.

This pandemic has made businesses rethink their strategies on automation and digitalization of business, something that can no more be left to the future. It is the very need of the hour. We have an edge even in the time of crisis as we have been working on such AI platforms for three years and are all set to help other businesses exponentially grow with conversational AI

“We have developed an intuitive algorithm that is easy to deploy chatbots and help businesses stay connected, support decision making through data science with the help of conversation AI. We know the pandemic has been very hard for all of us and these amazing technologies can pose as a recovery model for a lot of startups. And anyone can integrate these technologies with their current business at phenomenal speed, for example, our knowledge-based Q&A bot can be deployed by any business within 1 day, to be precise 3 hours and our conversational bot in mere two weeks.” - Vivek Jain

Currently serving and in POC terms with some big names like Paytm, ICICI, Airtel, Aditya Birla, Prestige Group, DP Jewelers & more, we are aiming to place India on the map for global AI pioneers. 

At GenieTalk, we are working towards making tech seamless, and yes we understand it is a huge responsibility to build the future but we are up for the challenge.

And yay, we got funded!

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