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Shubham Neupane

Dec 29 • 4 min read

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Similar to shopping during this festive season, there will be fewer consumers visiting physical stores this holiday. But that doesn't mean people will buy less. Because, contrary to predictions, data showed many businesses saw an increase in sales during the 2008 recession. People were treating themselves and their families by buying affordable items, such as sweets and cosmetics, in such stressful times. Unlike the financial crisis, consumers will search for and buy gifts online this holiday due to restrictions and the need for social distancing.

Given the increase in online shopping, you need to be prepared to not only meet demand but also ensure the smooth online experience for your customers. Let's look at how you can optimize your AI-based eCommerce chatbot for superior customer experience, engagement and better conversion.

1. Set enticing greetings to start conversations

Whenever a user visits your website, a welcome message called greeting pops right above the chat widget. A persuasive greeting not only welcomes your visitors but also boosts engagement on your website. If the AI assistant for eCommerce grabs a visitor's attention, there's a chance that the visitor will interact with the chatbot and learn more about your offers.

Try to keep your welcome message short and creative so that users feel the urge to interact with it. You can even show custom greetings for special offers or offer discounts to visitors coming through a particular referral link. With custom welcome messages, you can boost chat engagement and promote better customer experience.

2. Recommend products for a personalized shopping experience

Compared to brick and mortar shops, eCommerce sites offer a wide range of product choices, making it difficult for undecided shoppers to make decisions. In such cases, chatbots for eCommerce sites can recommend personalized products to customers to save them from feeling anxious and wasting time. Such recommendations not only perform better than nonspecific marketing messages but also help to close the personalization gap prevalent in eCommerce businesses.

Studies show that over 70% of consumers prefer brands that understand their needs and expectations. (Salesforce) With customized product suggestions, businesses can get better at meeting these expectations.

After getting a visitor's attention, eCommerce chatbot can ask a series of questions to understand user preferences. In the case of, we build intelligent virtual assistants that can then suggest products & offers accordingly to help customers make their purchase decisions faster.

3. Persuade visitors with attractive discounts

Discounts encourage new customers to explore your store and even lead to better conversion. 37% of buyers say they are more likely to buy a product or even buy more items than planned if there's a sale going on. (Capital One) Apart from enhancing your site visitors' experience, a conversational chatbot gives you another opportunity to promote and distribute your discount coupons.

To make each customer's shopping experience feel special, you can segment visitors into new users, returning customers, and those visiting from a specific channel and then show each group a separate coupon.

4. Enable package tracking to keep buyers informed

Providing a positive delivery experience is just as important as the quality of your products. Most buyers won't order again from a store that was unable to deliver their products intact and on time. However, if you ship your products through third-party logistics companies, you can't always have control over its quality and speed. Alternatively, you can allow your customers to track their orders and keep them informed about when it will show up at their doorstep.

E-commerce chatbots allow your customers to track their orders by providing their order number. Thanks to automated package tracking, your customers will feel more certain about when their order is going to arrive. Additionally, this will free up your customer service team from answering questions that can be automated easily.

5. Give your chatbot a holiday feeling

You can customize your AI chatbot with vibrant colours and graphics to give it a holiday look and attract your visitors' attention. To make your whole website look consistent, you can apply the same festive look to your logo, images, and other colours.

Making the eCommerce chatbot part of your holiday sales planning

The unpredictable increase in customers during the holiday season can be demanding to deal with for e-commerce businesses. Fortunately, with proper planning and a intelligent chatbot to help, you can tackle the challenge. Discuss ideas with your team to assist and create a memorable brand experience for your customers. With these five practicable measures, you are in for better conversion rates and more sales this holiday season.

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