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OGenie- Your virtual travel buddy- a voice assistant by GenieTalk

Dhara Sharma

Aug 29 • 2 min read

Voice bot by GenieTalk

Get a first-hand look at the superiority of GenieTalk’s virtual travel buddy OGenie in the demo below.

We’re sure you can experience the effortlessness Genie offers- search, book, board and arrive - flight booking made hassle-free. To get a detailed look at how GenieTalk tech is differentiated in the market for conversational AI, read on.

Natural Language

Genie can understand the language in the way we speak, naturally with the human nuances. Besides using grammar and linguistic rules that determine parts of speech tagging and keywords, GenieTalk’s technique is a data-driven approach that allows our machine learning models to identify semantic patterns in the speech that ultimately results in an experience.

Our AI can understand natural language.
You can deploy chatbots across your customer journey as they help in enhancing the customer experience.

Contextual Matters

Like when we talk to each other and understand even what was said before 3 or 5 sentences, similarly when a user jumps from one topic to another, our tech is able to maintain context, throughout the conversation. This is what creates the human-like experience. For example, when a user talks to Genie about web check-in, Genie understands that the user is talking about the latest upcoming flight and if there are multiple flights then also Genie understands and asks the user to select the flight.

Upgrading Conversations 


Often while filling out forms or updating information we sometimes miss out or realize that we need to change certain pieces of information. It can even happen when you are talking to Genie. Genie is created with the ability to allow a user to go back and update pieces of information in the conversation without starting over. Because of the way we have designed our conversational AI, our algorithms does not use scripts or decision trees, users can go back to mend the conversation.


Our goal is to create a human-like experience. For every virtual assistant that we create, the final check is always ‘Will this be how a human would understand or respond?’ As you can guess it is a tough job we have taken over ourselves, we humans are so diverse ;) But then, don’t we say we are on a mission to create effortless, and missions are tough job :P. It is this high expectation of ours from our own self that drives us to innovate, to give your effortless.


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To experience our tech, download the OGenie application our very own product.


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Dhara Sharma

Dhara is a Content Strategist with GenieTalk.ai, with 7+ years of extensive experience in content marketing. Other than marketing communications she loves to read, travel, write prose & do yoga.

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