Does Your Enterprise Provide Personalized Customer Experience?

AI for enterprises to enhance business processes and customer experience.

Pallavi Jaisinghani

Nov 16 • 3 min read

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 Monopolies are fading, customer purchase behaviour is changing, businesses are transforming, enterprises are capturing market share; a lot is happening and if your enterprise is working on adapting to the new normal, know that with the right AI strategies your business can experience amazing growth.

While AI (artificial intelligence) is still an unclear buzzword, there is no denying that enterprises that have adopted AI are experiencing positive changes.

According to the Gartner, Inc. 2019 CIO Survey, “The number of enterprises implementing AI grew 270% in the past four years and tripled in the past year”. 

“If you are a CIO and your organization doesn’t use AI, chances are high that your competitors do, and this should be a concern”, research vice president at Gartner, Chris Howard.

Importance Of AI For Your Enterprise

Industries implementing conversational engagement solution that are bound to become more diverse as they will have the power to understand and utilise data in the correct way across multiple functionalities giving them an upper hand than the competitors. smart solutions that include conversational AI-powered voice bots, virtual assistant, chat assistants and other AI enterprise solutions are implemented by businesses across industries to reinforce their workflow.

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This is why your enterprise needs to switch to AI-powered solutions.

1. Market Insights

Predictive analysis plays a huge role in analysing the market and your customers. Integrate the solution to system matrix, web matrix or social media so you timely get to know what your customers want and how the market is evolving. 

When you understand your customers, you can give them the best experience that is personalised to their requirements.

2. Virtual Assistance

Enterprises deploy chatbots for a lot of uses, most do so for offering instant customer support, any time of the day. They can be used to answer simple queries or address complex questions and even direct a visitor towards the end goal of a sale. conversational AI-powered chatbots are specially designed for enterprises offering a human-like experience to their customers. Also, these smart bots learn with every new interaction and thanks to conversational AI platform, they can have a contextual conversation with your customer making the experience highly personalized.

3. Process Automation

Automation across processes is being adopted by all enterprises and with so many advanced automation tools for enterprises, businesses processes can become more and more refined. With the rise of AI, conversational automation is bound to get a further boost across industries that include healthcare, finance, retail, eCommerce and more.

4. Structuring Data 

The data generated these days is multifold than it used to be, so structuring it is a huge task for enterprises and AI solutions are designed to convert unstructured data to structured insights. As it is data that allows business leaders to derive insights that can help with analyzing strategies, understanding customers, enhancing the experience.

5. Transforming Sales

From cold calling to personalized messaging, sales techniques have come a long way. Consumers today are everywhere, and it gives your business lots of scope to reach out to your potential customers at different platforms. 

Integrating solutions into your CRM allows your sales team to multitask while handling all your business functionalities. It gives them a chance to know their customers so they can offer tailored solutions increasing the chance of conversion and enhancing the customer experience.

Get Your Customer A Personalised Experience

AI allows enterprises to offer their customers a more customized experience as it understands them better by creating a pattern that they establish by analysing customer purchase behaviour, buying history, credit score, preferences and other important factors.

Every interaction gives your enterprise a chance to engage with your customer to offer them an enhanced experience. Also, AI can help you identify potential buyers making your sales process smooth and better. tools are custom-built for enterprises no matter small, medium or big. It gives your enterprise a chance to implement AI in your process to achieve your business goals. Our AI experts can assist you in identifying the areas where AI solutions can enhance your business processes allowing you to offer a personalized experience to your customers.

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