Conversational AI as Solution For Business & Social Distancing

These are distancing times!

Ruchika Drabla

Aug 13 • 2 min read

The world is struggling; people, businesses, economies.

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AI helps businesses set up self-service capabilities, leaving you worry-free of your employees safety and at the same time offering your customers the quality service they’re used to.

Also, when under duress, people wish to connect with businesses and brands that understand them, their situation without being judgemental about anything. They want to connect with brands that are empathetic, provide them with easy solutions. And, it is all possible with Conversational AI and Continuous Conversations.

Continuous conversations powered by Conversational AI can provide human-like experiences that enable customers to go about their routine business by getting their questions answered without the need for employee intervention.

Conversational AI understands the nuances and complexities that come with human languages and expressions and it can be trained to answer simple to complex queries across industries. Let’s look at a few examples

As a growing business, we understand how important it is to keep our customers engaged and in these times of social distancing, many of you may be struggling to provide quality customer service while working on keeping your extended family of employees safe.

If you are a business that relies on regular customer engagement, we understand it must be more difficult for you.

Automation has been a big boon to businesses across all industries but in these times the need for automated self-service is now more than ever. Companies who had invested in AI found themselves more prepared as Conversational AI is uniquely positioned to help in this time of crisis. 



Social distancing and low-touch are the new normal and in such times, it is automation and self-service solutions that can help businesses serve the needs of their customers while keeping their employees safe. With conversational AI and other new-age technologies, it is our mission to create effortless, to make businesses like yours perceptive with AI. 

Choose the future, choose Conversational AI


Written by

Ruchika Drabla

Growth & Marketing Head

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