Chatbot Guide: 5 Tips To Build a Great Chatbot for Your Business

Build your chatbot with the easiest way in 2021

Shubham Neupane

Apr 30 • 3 min read

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Every customer is looking for the companies offering the best overall customer experience. Having a chatbot has a lot to do with providing the services customers want. With the trend of growing customer demands, companies need to cope with multiple queries every day.

Solving the queries of customers is the best way to keep them captivated.

No matter what your business is, there is always a pattern of issues that are repetitive, information-based. They take a noticeable chunk of time from your customer support team. Such queries can be taken care of by chatbots at minimal cost and time.

Chatbots don't need any motivation or boost. They can do repetitive tasks continuously without any mental fatigue.

Here are the ways to get your customized chatbot.

1. Assign a task for your chatbot

We already discussed having a pattern in every business. Likewise, you can automate the repetitive and simple tasks to the chatbot. If you can't find your trend, go through all your past data, filled with queries and problems.

Initiate the process by assigning the most basic task of your business. One can't replace the customer support department overnight. You need to start the process gradually. It's a milestone for you, even if the single task is taken care of by the bot on day one. With advanced AI technology, you can remove a 30% extra burden from your human agents.

2. Decide its formation

The formation of your bot has a lot to do with what type of business you own. Your bot can be a disciplined, serious executive, a funny one to take the attention or the cheesy one with all the convincing abilities. Plain or showy, you decide. Just remember your ultimate goal.

With all these gatherings, you also need to decide what all responsibilities you give to the bot, whether you want it to be information-based, service-based or sales based. You need to keep in mind that if you indulge the chatbot in the process, the need for human agents can come up at any time. It will make the process lengthy.

3. Convert your imagination into reality

Learning is a never-ending process. Read the article, check out templates, make scenarios in your head. Get the best of what you can think. The chatbot will become your best friend, and you can check if it is in alignment or not. You need not hesitate in trying to get the best for your business.

how to build a great chatbot in four simple steps

Keep a check if the bot is doing what you need it to do. The collection of data and gathered information will help you recognise if you are on the right track. Hit the test button, and keep checking the conversations, that it is according to what is in your mind.

4. Take a validation

Are you done with the imagination? Now it's time to take your new bot to a whole new level. It's time for some testing of your chatbot. Users have perspectives which the creator could not have. The issue is perhaps in front of you, but you are unable to detect it. Go for some validations, check if the bot is on the right track.

Pick out your colleagues, friends, family members, ask them to find out if the bot is smooth according to the customer's perspective. They can ask general questions like placing an order, information about the bill, and so on. You can have a look if the conversation is relevant or not. If you find any error happening, root them out.

5. Good to go

You are all set to go. Perfection does not happen overnight. You have to be patient and follow the steps gradually. Be steady with what you have created.

Also, keep updating from time to time, add colours and taglines which represent your brand. Introduce some innovative salutations and signatures to create a positive image for customers. According to the conversations, add up some new solutions to lessen the burden of your agents.

You and your chatbot are ready!


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