Chatbot-Based Learning- The Future Of AI In Education

AI-based innovative conversational tools are making the ed-tech world interactive and personalised.

Pallavi Jaisinghani

Oct 28 • 4 min read

Chatbot for education

By providing a personalised learning environment to students, technology is upgrading the way they learn and absorb information. Systems are being developed that can detect whether students are 

1. Able to understand the study material
2. Attentive during the session

Since most of the educational institutes are taking classes online, it would not be wrong to say that with the right technology and support, education can turn from privilege to a basic human right. And, artificial intelligence and chatbot-based education would play a key role in that.

There are a lot of projects being worked on in the ed-tech industry employing Artificial Intelligence for aiding both, the educational faculty and the students including conversational AI chatbots.

Why does your education organisation need a conversational AI chatbot?

Integrating chatbot in your educational organisations is not about embracing new tech, it is the need of the hour as today’s’ smart children need smart solutions.

We are in the times of digital transformation and without the right tech backup, it won’t take long for your organisation to lose out. Technology like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning is not the future anymore, it is the present that the Edtech industry is adapting so well.  

Education is mostly concerned with the younger audience who are more adept at adapting the latest technology, enjoy the convenience that comes with it while it improves their learning experience.

Here’s how AI is changing the eLearning industry?

1. Chatbot-Based Learning

Offering a personalised learning environment, one of the most popular applications of artificial intelligence is intelligent tutoring systems for students. Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding can help chatbots convert lessons and lectures into engaging conversation making it interactive for students. The bots can quiz the student on the same while assisting teachers to assess the results, find out students that are lagging behind and helping them in a personalised way.

2. Encouraging Students by Engaging With Them

Students today are actively engaged on social media platforms, which can also be used as a research platform and the virtual assistant can help them do so. Chatbots or virtual voice assistants can engage with the students on their chosen platform nudging them to learn in a way they enjoy. They can connect with a group of teachers, students, knowledge base making it easy for them to find information and learn.

3. Assisting the Professor or Students

A virtual assistant can be of big help to the teachers as well as students. Bots can help teachers assess their students, answer the questions, monitor the students progress and offer personalised feedback on each of the student.

For a student, a chatbot can analyze the learning setback recommending them ideas, content and even help with assignments or sharing information.

4. Answering FAQs

Admissions, schedules, fee structure, change in time tables, notifications...all take up a lot of time of both the administration and the students and their peers. A chatbot integrated into your school or university website can change this time-consuming task to an interactive conversation by replying to each query in a timely manner. 

It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved as no matter how many people ask the same question the chatbot would answer it well and within time.

5. Updated Information

The more students, teachers, and peers interact with chatbots or virtual assistants, the more it learns and the sharper and better each conversation becomes. Educational institutions can use this data to understand the issues their students are facing or the queries that come up most and work on providing them with a solid solution.

6. Global Learning

eLearning has no limits and AI is helping eliminate boundaries by connecting people from all parts of the world to multiple courses available online. With more innovation, it can be possible to connect a wider range of audience even from remote locations to fulfill their dream of getting educated no matter where they are.

7. Personalised Education

The technology being used by multiple platforms to recommend personalised content is also beings used by many ed-tech startups to offer personalised learning options to people across the globe. By integrating AI tools and services across the curriculum, teachers would be in a better position to offer students learning opportunities that interest them. 

8. Smart Classes

Everything is getting interconnected and students can surely benefit from it. With connected smart interfaces and devices, students can learn on any platform or device of their choice, be it their smartphone assistant or a chatbot or their car assistant or home virtual assistant. 

9. Administrative Assitantce

Education involves a lot of administration work that can be automated with AI. Assessing homework, grading reports, providing responses, adding value to each student, technology can be used to automate a lot of these mundane tasks including classification and processing of paperwork.

10. Smart Feedbacks

Feedback helps in a better understanding of the learning process, of the student and the teacher. The students’ feedback can help teachers identify the gaps in their teaching process while the teachers’ feedback to students can help them in their learning. 

This process can become more authentic and engaging when chatbots are involved as the bots could ask the related questions to both sides without bringing emotions into the task.

Artificial Intelligence is the Future in EdTech

AI and Chatbots are making the learning process more interesting and interactive for the students while facilitating the teaching process and reducing the workload of the administrative staff. With everyone benefiting, the ed-tech sector is sure to see better use of artificial intelligence enhancing the students’ interest, fostering learning, upgrading the teaching process, and assisting the educational institutes to streamline processes.

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