Can Bots Be Our Friends?

Virtual assistants are becoming uncannily human, but can they be our friends?

Pallavi Jaisinghani

Aug 21 • 3 min read

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Your phone buzzes and you see a pop-up notification on your screen informing, “Zara, you will reach your destination in 20 minutes. Keep your coat handy as the weather outside is chilly.”

This is a message from Genie, a virtual travel buddy who also happens to be an artificially intelligent voice-activated travel assistant making travel effortless by getting to know your travel preferences through the application OGenie.

Over the course of the voice conversations, Genie would ask you about your seat preference, your travel time preference, the airline you prefer and so on. When you tell it your choices, Genie comes up with the best travel options for you and if you happen to be a frequent flyer, it manages your flight booking automatically, just asking you that Genie is going ahead with the booking with the help of  conversational automation.


The virtual travel buddy is the first of the multiple virtual buddies that you can talk to or chat with created using conversational AI. It's kind of two-way conversation you have with an assistant who knows your preferences and means well.


Genie is one of the virtual assistant developed and designed by GenieTalk to make life effortless. It's a partner who wants to be your friend, assistant, buddy who does things for you, instantly. All you need to do is talk to it or chat with it.
Technology is a bit of a double-edged sword. 
While it is the technology that helps people connect with other people, at the same time, it is said that technology cannot replace face-to-face human contact. But in these changing low-touch times it again is the technology that is helping, meaning that people can avoid face-to-face contact and still get things done efficiently.

Bots are being developed across industries across every possible sector to help, prevent and even discourage people from interacting face-to-face with each other, such as customer care, workplace, shared public spaces, ticket booking and so on.


Ultimately, it is about fostering real, nourishing relationships, and, it doesn't matter if people are talking to other people or a bot if it can give a human-like experience.


A voice assistant or a chatbot that can drive a conversation forward. You can have a social exchange with even the simplest of assistants (believe us when we say, they just look simple from outside, it’s a lot more complex inside). Most bots you might be aware of would be like Siri or Google Assistant or Alexa who share some cute, canned answers when you talk or chat with them, but then that’s it. They won’t understand your preferences or assist you in making life effortless. This is where GenieTalk goes beyond. Understanding your preferences, your unique use case, tailoring the bot to your customer base. 

The GenieTalk bot answers users general questions and based on their reply, is able to respond with an appropriate follow-up question. To pull this off, GenieTalk AI records and organizes a user's different talking points chronologically and thematically in a memory graph and connects the dots.


Rather than expecting AI bots to be our best friends, we suggest thinking of them like your associate, who can get things done, effortlessly.


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