A Beginner's Guide To Image Recognition And How It Works?

Teaching a machine how to see is not an easy feat

Janak Chawda

Dec 23 • 4 min read

How image recognition works

For a machine to see the world as humans do, it relies on vision and image recognition. Most people get confused between computer vision (CV) and image recognition as these terms are often used interchangeably. Let’s differentiate the two with an example 

CV can be designed to sense a dog running on the road to produce a warning signal to the driver. Computer vision can do something with the recognized images.
Whereas image recognition, it is about recognizing the image as a specific object through the pixel and pattern analysis. 

What Is Image Recognition?

It doesn’t take a human to tell a dog apart from a cat, but for a machine, it is a highly complex task. Image recognition refers to the most advanced AI technologies that identify places, logos, people, objects, buildings and several other variables in images. 

Now how do you train a machine or in our case an AI-based voice assistant or a chatbot to tell one image apart from another?
It is a lengthy process that we’ll cut short.

1. Extract pixel features from an image
2. Prepare labeled images to train the model
3. Train the model to be able to classify images
4. Perceive a new image to be one of the classifications.

How Does Image Recognition Work?

Vast amount of data is being shared by users through apps, websites, and social networks. Camera equipped mobile phones are also leading to the creation of uncountable images and videos. A machine uses computer vision to understand what it’s seeing, whether it is a JPEG file or a camera feed. Image recognition enables a machine to decipher the information obtained through computer vision and sort what it sees. Image recognition helps the product to distinguish places, objects, activities, individuals and different components in an image.

Image recognition finds its application in eCommerce, gaming, automotive, healthcare and various other industries. It is being used by a few companies to deliver smarter services. AI-based voice assistants by GenieTalk.ai is one such way your company too can offer better and smart services to its users.

At a CAGR of 19.5% somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2021. The image recognition market is evaluated to extend from USD 15.95 Billion of every 2016 to USD 38.92 Billion by 2021.

AI Image Recognition- How The Technology Helps
Artificial intelligence plays an important role in image recognition. Here is how the most advanced AI technology assists in image recognition to serve multiple purposes:

Facial Recognition 
AI advances image recognition to identify facial property from an image. To find a match, the mapped features are compared with the stored database. 

The primary use for facial recognition is unlocking a device, however, it is also used by social networking websites for tagging people in a photo you upload, it suggests the names of people in the photo.

Stats for ai in image recognition

Image Analysis
The most advanced AI technology can provide a lot of information about a picture. You can get a summary of an image by analyzing the shape, colour and objects included in it. 

Text Detection 
Detecting text from an image, with the help of AI, can offer useful insights. Just feed a document or an image and GenieTalk.ai solution will read out the entire text from it. 

Pattern Recognition
Particular patterns can also be recognised from an image with the help of AI image recognition. It could be textures or facial expressions. 

How To Use Image Recognition For Your Business?

Major applications of image recognition including virtual assistant AI are creating growth opportunities for businesses across industries. They include

  • 1. Image analysis
  • 2. Face recognition
  • 3. Security, and surveillance
  • 4. Visual geolocation
  • 5. Object recognition
  • 6. Gesture recognition
  • 7. Code recognition
  • 8. Industrial automation 

Now let’s take a look at how image recognition is creating a revolution in your industry

E-commerce Industry
Image recognition is highly used in the eCommerce industry as it has the ability to transform your customer’s mobile phone to a virtual showroom. Search, identify, get an interactive view of products, the experience becomes about seeing everything well. 

Gaming Industry
Generating more real-time user experience and interfaces is what makes image recognition a revolutionary technology for the gaming industry. Serious gamers are inclined towards real-world play and image recognition along with geo-targeting can open amazing opportunities for businesses in this industry. 

Automotive Industry
Cars of the future powered by conversational artificial intelligence, image recognition and other technologies are expected to detect obstacles, road signs, stop lights to warn you and offer an amazing drive experience. The system gets more intelligent as more training data is fed including images of road signs, humans, animals, roads etc.

AI Solutions By Genietalk.ai For Your Business

Do you think the above examples might not apply to your business? We’re here to guide you and tell you that image recognition can be applied in small methods to derive amazing business benefits

Primarily used to drive social sharing, solve customer queries and engage the audience, GenieTalk.ai solutions can be used in optimizing different areas of your business. Our experts can help you define a roadmap for incorporating voice chat AI solutions, chatbots, virtual assistants, image recognition solutions and related machine learning technologies within your existing system. 

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