7 Tips To Create an Engaging Chatbot

Create a chatbot that connects with your audience

Ruchika Drabla

Mar 18 • 3 min read

Tips for creating AI chatbot

So we've been creating chatbots, lots of them actually, for all kinds of industries and use cases. Here are some things and tips we'd like to share.

There are two reasons why someone would use a chatbot:

1. Conversation - When your app or agents are not available to answer any query

2. Solution - When the bot offers solutions quickly to a user query

Your first use case can be answering questions asked frequently by your customers that do not require multiple conversations, quick links to the knowledge base, and 24x7 availability of your chatbot agent. You can find other use cases for the bot to streamline the process while enhancing the customer experience.

But is your goal only to help a customer out when stuck with your services or create that 'Aha' moment when it connects with your brand - here through your chatbot?

Of course, you want your customers to keep coming back for more by adding value in all ways possible. Additionally, you can also get people hooked to your bot.

So here are our seven tips to help you create an addictive chatbot:

1. Solve the requirement

It is generally due to a requirement or wants that triggers people to look for information. Either they look for a solution or avoid it. So, a person looking for a solution wants something found and used with ease. You should train your chatbot with keywords that are simple to understand and commonly used.

2. Get into the action mode

Once a potential customer considers your product or service as a solution, it is now time to make the person take action, depending on their motivation and ability. Your chatbot can persuade a user by highlighting the pain point and how easy the solution is. 

3. Diversify your content

Offering the same solution to the same pain point in the same way always would lead to boredom. There needs to be some spontaneity, variability to keep the person engaged with your brand.

7 tips to create an addictive chatbot infographic

4. Invest your resources well

Working on your bot is kind of an investment you're making that would reap benefits even after years. The more information you feed it, the better it will fare with your customers, and also get to know what are the benefits of chatbots for your business.

5. Single-minded focus

Your chatbot should be limited to one to two goals only. Every conversation they have with a user should be in that direction.

6. Use visualizing words

When creating dialogues for the bot, use 1-2 syllable short words that trigger instant visualization. They are easier to comprehend, and even if a user tries to tune it out, they get the message loud and clear.

7. Keep their attention

The average human attention span is 8 seconds, 1 second less than that of a goldfish. To keep users engaged, you'll continuously have to work on opening new knowledge gaps and closing old ones.

Bonus Tip: Connect emotionally 

We live in relationship-focused work, and connecting on an emotional level is the key. Bots truly offer an outstanding opportunity for personalized relationship marketing. Create your chatbot now.

Written by

Ruchika Drabla

Growth & Marketing Head at GenieTalk.ai

Marketing growth professional with 9+ years of experience in all verticals of Performance Marketing, I'm an AI enthusiast and loving my role as Growth leader in Conversational AI startup GenieTalk.ai

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