7 Tips To Choose the Right AI Bot Platform for Your Business

Things you need to consider when choosing the best business bot

Shubham Neupane

Sep 13 • 4 min read

AI bot for business

Today's economy is customer-centric. Without a consumer, you can't plan a profitable business in the long run. Customers are willing to come back and knock on your door, but all you need to do is give them an automated customer experience (ACX).

With the increasing demand in this area, chatbots proved to be a great success. Email communications couldn't provide customer satisfaction at all levels. Fortunately, AI bots proved to be a solution in all criteria.

Over 45% of consumers say they prefer messaging apps over email to talk with a business. The growing trend of doing business over messaging is menacing for those who have not started it yet.

As the demand in this area is increasing, there are many bot platforms available in the market. Having a bot doesn't guarantee you growth. A report by Forrester suggests that only 21% could provide a highly personalized customer experience. Before implementing this technology, it's crucial to strategize and ensure that it helps you achieve your set goals.

Let's look into the top seven tips that help businesses choose the right AI solution, simplifying their customers' experience and furthering long-term business growth.

1. Understand the problem

Before looking for a solution, you must know the issue which your customers are facing. Or, it might include the lapses you have while providing services to the customers. You can't go for a universal bot and might need one tailored to your business needs.

Understand your aims and the ultimate goals. Consider the journey of your customers, what they expect and try to satisfy their expectations. When you get answers to all these things, you'll know what exactly you want from the bot.

2. Speech support and NLP

The development of a bot is not the only thing you need to do. It is integral to make sure your bot is giving a human-like experience to your customers. Users must feel that they're heard and will get the solution they want. To provide such a smooth experience, you should look for an AI platform with a robust speech recognition system and natural language processing (NLP).

From the tone to the language, your bot must represent your brand. Your bot can be casual but not insensitive. The bot is you and your business for the customer, so the impression has to be the best.

3. Multi-channel support

In this digital world, you will find the audience on different digital platforms. No matter what your business offers, the audience will differ. What a customer wants is a business that can provide a hassle-free experience, regardless of the platform. For that, your bot needs to be available on various platforms.

So, if you want your customers to be loyal to you, mark your presence everywhere. You need to ensure the same chatbot must work effortlessly on all platforms, such as social media, voice channels, mobile apps, or your website.

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4. Multilingual support

Round the clock assistance comes with all the bots. Being an automated system, it can work without taking a break, unlike humans. But you will lose your audience if you fail to communicate with the customer in their language. It's hard to make your bot understand all the languages, but it will make your brand stand out from others by using multilingual chatbots.

It can be costly to depend on human agents to interact in multiple languages and comparatively easy to train your bot, saving you both cost and time. Your perfect bot will create content and translate the answers in the customer's language.

5. Measure the impact

It's critical to measure the efficiency of the bot which you have developed for your business. For this analysis, you would require unrestricted access to a graphic interface. You need to gather data and keep track of the conversation your bot is having with the customers.

You cannot just sit back and let AI do the talking; keeping an eye is mandatory, ensuring if the bot is representing your brand well. The unavailability of this setup will not let you measure the performance and will be difficult for you to analyse if the bot is proving to be valuable for your business.

6. Human-agent handoff

Automation is at its peak, and the stats will go up for sure. But this artificial intelligence cannot replace human intelligence. Live agents and bots have to work hand-in-hand. Not to forget, both of them are in the same team. The question which arises here is, when do human agents come into the picture? Well, when technology fails, the human brain comes in.

It's integral to maintain the level of customer experience while handing off the baton. The human agent supporting a customer must match the interface and quality of the bot. Else, you will lose the image you created in the customer's mind. The geography, the language, the department all needs to be on the right track.

7. Pricing

With the growing business world, all we need is to reach the customer's doorsteps. With all the above considerations, we need to consider the money part as well. While substituting new hirings with the bot, you need to check if it's giving the desired results. Without getting expected outcomes, developing a bot is of no use.

Consider the bot-building platform that matches your budget and is flexible enough to tailor your unique business requirements, helping you stand out from other businesses in your domain. You can even go for platforms that offer a free trial for a custom chatbot.

Get your custom chatbot today!

With the tips above to help you select the right bot provider, you can leverage AI's potential to engage and keep your customer entertained in every aspect. With the right enterprise bot platform, you can present your brand well and be with the customer from start to end.

Start your journey today of choosing the best conversational solution in just a few steps.

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