6 Amazing Chatbots To Grow Your Business in 2021

Chatbots that can be part of your business growth

Janak Chawda

Apr 08 • 4 min read

Amazing bots to grow your business

Having a chatbot for assisting a customer was a big thing a few years back. But with the current growth scenario, the customers are looking for quick yet satisfactory solutions to their problems.

Being a business owner, you can't feel left out. You got to move your target too with the ever-changing world, helping you to keep your customers as before.

Customers generally don't look for just an answer, but they look for people to listen to their problems. Bots deal perfectly with repetitive solutions and guiding customers to the website for appropriate solutions.

A chatbot might be the easiest solution for customers, but it is not a piece of cake for an emerging entrepreneur. However, it sure saves a lot of money for the companies, especially those who offer services in different areas.

Below are some must-have chatbots for your business growth.

After understanding the chatbots requirement to grow your business via online marketing, it's crucial to understand some essential bots, which will benefit your business.

1. Welcome Bot

Greeting your customers is always a good option. It gives them value and makes them feel privileged. The welcome bot can provide the essential information to complete the specific task a customer wants to do. A humane intervention is not necessary for such repetitive tasks. Meanwhile, your agent can work on some other value-adding activities.

When providing support through a bot, you can put your focus on the actual issues and prevent the occurrence of spamming. It's high time a businessman like you start considering it.

2. After Hour Bot

The world is full of various kinds of customers; some are curious while some are picky. For this diversified crowd, you need to be in preparation in the best way possible. A human can't be available all the time. Your agent can be somewhere else, while the client will be getting frustrated to get the reply. In such cases, you can use the after-hour bot to interact with your customers, which will let them know about agents' unavailability.

Depending on the customer's urgency, they can drop a message, and your agent will solve the problem later on. It will prevent your customer from getting disheartened or unheard. In addition to that, agents can get back to the customer with a proper solution and maintain the relationship.

types of bots businesses can use

3. Lead generation bot

Yes, you heard that right. A bot is known for customer support, but as a cherry on the cake, it can also bring hot leads for you by using its convincing power. It can gather data like name, contact numbers, preferences which, in the future, can be used as selective data, and your humane technology can work on it to bring the business out of it. If executed well, a bot will deliver you the most filtered data, and your marketing agents will love the campaign created by this bot.

Also got to know the use of AI in eCommerce to enhance customer experience.

4. Survey Bot

Surveys are the new trend. Nobody minds a quick survey, especially if designed with attractive features that grab one's attention. With the help of a survey bot, you can know about the customer's preferences and feedback. Hence, getting their side of the story to figure out and provide the best deal per their expectations.

The survey bot will be more like a conversation than a survey which makes your client involved and heard. It will bring the engagement of the customer to your site.

5. Appointment Bot

Whenever we hear an appointment, a picture of a desk with a register comes up in our mind, where our name is mentioned, probably on page 84 with serial number 245. With the appointment bot, you can easily erase this hustle and bring your customers to use the services at their convenience, so they need not wait for their turn.

From booking a restaurant to a spa session, every service requires an appointment convenient for both client and the service provider. It will also help you in last moment cancellation as you can fill the empty slots and make the perfect utilization of time.

Generally these sorts of chatbots use AI to provide customer or client satisfaction and are used by various industries like AI in healthcare, hotels, airlines.

Entrepreneurs love to make their clients happy.

Your old and new clients will be the happiest to book the appointments according to their choice, and you can purely focus on services.

6. HR Bot

A human resource bot is new in the business as the initial questions for any new joiners are common. We all know how spamming and repetitive issues are annoying for our human resources. The HR bot will filter the data to prevent the new applications from becoming a burden.

Your agents can work on this filtered data according to the openings you have in your company. Some essential yet common details to get from any applicant include a resume, years of experience, the domain they're interested in.

The bot will gather the information accordingly, and the filtered data will be ready in front of you to bring new joiners on board.

Build yours now.

There are times we know the technology exists but don't know how it's beneficial for us. Now is the time to start using this.

Also we have some tips to create an engaging chatbot.

Starting from welcome bot to service bot, Genietalk has it all. You name it, and we create it. A human-like AI that will improve customer satisfaction and help you in generating leads. When it comes to saving time, money and effort, we offer the complete package deal.

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