5 Ways You Can Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Generate Leads

Generate leads and take your business to new heights

Dhara Sharma

Apr 15 • 3 min read

AI powered lead generation

Not to mention each industry, every business needs a dedicated AI solution for their marketing team. The one who perfectly markets business attracts the crowd.

Social media presence is something that a business owner cannot ignore.

Traditional lead generation methods go hand in hand with technology. While calls, emails, in-person networking events are ways to generate leads, so are social media marketing, content creation and digital availability. 

AI plays an important role in transforming the world.

The best use of technology is by growing your business through it. Your potential customers have many options out there; use technology to make sure they come to you. A few years ago, AI was unchartered territory, but now it's integral for many businesses. Technology can add a lot more to your plate, more than your appetite, more than you have ever thought just in a few clicks.

Here are some crucial steps to generate leads in real-time for your business.

Lead Qualification

Finding leads is an intricate process. No matter how diligently your team works, it is tiring to cater to every potential and even not-so-potential customer. As compared to humans, AI can make the team more efficient in targeting and creating awareness among your target audience.

For instance, AI-powered CRM filters data and shows you the list of clients based on your selection, which your marketing and sales team will find valuable. Such AI platforms will bring you more leads and business relationship opportunities.

Lead Validation

Validating the leads is just as important as generating them, if not more. Filling of forms and phone calls are some basic ways of finding out the sales and non-sales leads. Generally, non-potential prospects provide false or misleading information, whereas potential leads will provide you with correct information.

AI platforms can validate whether the data provided is similar to other platforms and internet datasets. In this way, you can work on filtered leads and save a lot of time and energy.

Generate Insights

As you get your hands on the potential leads, you are all set to target them. While we say 'target,' we don't mean you have to sound harsh or aggressive. You can keep a check on what the purchases of your leads are. Or the websites they prefer going to.

Make the best use of AI technology to understand your potential customers' patterns. Rather than making your team jump to any conclusions, let the AI do the talking. Thus, helping you can smoothly convert your leads and with ease.

5 ways you can use AI to generate leads infographicsLead Engagement

Even after selling a product or service, the business-customer relationship does not end. A successful business keeps on nurturing existing customers. It can work on generating new clients but keeping in touch with existing customers is also essential.

Your marketing & sales team might consider engaging existing customers as extra work, having to focus on new and convertible leads. An AI platform can be an efficient player here, as it keeps the clients engaged by emails, messages and informing them of new arrivals.

You will be in touch with your clients regularly, making them feel valued and not think of competitors. Noting down their significant dates and wishing them to provide discounts is an old yet very effective method. Now, AI can handle all these things, allowing your team to work on generating new business.

Personal Touch

Surveys make it clear that if the customers get the personalised services, they'll love it. They will become your most loyal customers. Making your customers visit again depends a lot on how you pay attention to them post-sales. Some fashion brands are known for suggesting outfits, according to their previous purchases. These attract the customers showing them an easy way to purchase.

Machine learning and AI algorithms make your tasks easy and your clients happy. For instance, an AI-powered eCommerce solution shows relevant recommendations to the customers based on the analysis of their purchase pattern.


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Adopt and grow NOW

If you are not using AI already, it's high time you integrate it into your business operations.

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