4 Steps to Ramp up Your Lead Qualification in BFSI Sector

Scaling the Growth & Revenue with AI-Driven Virtual Assistants.

Vinni Malik

Apr 26 • 4 min read

Capitalising on Sales Leads in BFSI sector with Virtual Assistants.

Scaling your business to the next level isn't just about selling more, but also about creating an effortless procedure that allows you to remove unqualified finance leads faster.

The better you understand what your Target Leads look like and how you can capture them more effectively than your competitors, the easier it will be for the businesses to prioritize the right lead.

The end result? Higher close rate, increased revenue, and a satisfied sales team.

In BFSI, sales lead qualification is critical to ensure that you only work with the highest quality leads, as the database is huge.

We'll share with you how to do just that in this insightful blog.

Why Tele-Qualify the leads?

Banking customers and insurance buyers are fragile in nature. They tend to check the quotations and compare the policies from several providers until they find the exact product with appropriate features, and pocket-friendly prices that they are fully convinced with. 

Lead Tele-Qualification will help to speed up the qualification process without involving any reps, saving time and other resources for your B2B organization while giving a list of Easy-to-Convert leads.

The Winning Tip: A positive insurance customer experience (CX) will work wonders. With a business solution like GenieTalk's Virtual Assistant, you can quickly and efficiently bring your consumer to that level of comfort with hyper-personalized efforts exerted by them.

This is what you will see in the four stages below, as it relates to how to improve interactions in the BFSI industry while managing volume spikes and increasing conversions.

Benefits Of AI-Driven Lead Qualification Process

Setting the correct lead definitions and stages is critical for a strong sales funnel and allows you to decide which strategies to deploy at each stage to move your sales team closer to conversion, by increasing their selling time by 15% to 20%.

A solid automated lead qualification process enables you to determine who your reps are targeting and selling to, the likelihood of conversion, and the potential lifetime value (LTV) of each lead in the sales pipeline.

If you follow these steps, you will quickly see the massive advantages of this process:


#STEP 1: Automate the Lead Qualification Process.

It is a leader's responsibility to relieve as much stress from your team as practically possible. Selling a product like Insurance in today's time is difficult, with the ‘n’ number of options available with the competitor brand. Failure is unavoidable with stale leads.

A frustrating manual process is the last thing you would want to put on your sales workforce.

According to a McKinsey study, 30% of sales operations, including lead identification and qualification, may be automated. This is also considered to be a key to increasing revenue and decreasing costs. 

If you can create a clear, effective lead qualification process with automation, Genietalk's virtual assistant can help SDRs by supplying them with an abundance of high-quality, AI-assured leads in real time.

To Remember: The automation of the lead qualification process will not replace the Human-Agents, but will free them up for additional complex tasks that require their immediate attention.


#STEP 2: Ask the Right Questions & Proceed to the Next Stage.

Given the surge in call volumes, you can't expect human agents to get the lead qualification process correct through manual efforts, and pushing the leads with the wrong queries can turn them cold.

As a result, it is critical to developing the appropriate collection of questions.

Dialing thousands of concurrent calls, Our virtual assistant- #GenieQualify maintains consistency and never misses any opportunity, making us a preferable Conversational AI platform.

Fact Check: Our Geniebot defines a quality lead by analyzing existing client personas, identifying patterns, and engaging with them in the conversation accordingly.


#STEP 3: Update your CRM with 100% AI-Assured Leads.

With simple access to all customer data in a centralized place, such as a CRM system, you may capitalize on possibilities to upsell and cross-sell related financial services, but only if your CRM data is up to date. Which is now made simple by the Lead Verification & Qualification services offered by GenieTalk.ai via Intelligent Virtual Assistants.

Get access to 100% AI-Assured Leads with GenieQualify. Connect with us.

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#STEP 4: Share the relevant Data with SDRs & Scale your Business.

The market changes quickly. Customer preferences shift, competitors adapt, and your product is bound to evolve with time.

Your SDRs must be able to adapt quickly, enhance your business process swiftly, and incorporate direct learnings. This is possible only when you provide them the accurate lead information in an updated database so that they can segment and target leads more effectively, taking the business to the next level.


Remember to acknowledge what works, then assess and learn from your achievements. Always celebrate your teams' accomplishments, and cheer them up to do better in the future! 

Then devote your whole attention to utilizing the data from your SDRs' performance to optimize your lead qualification process with cutting-edge technology like GenieTalk.ai, augmenting it with the power of AI-driven Virtual Assistants allowing you to beat your competition to the finish line.

Looking for an AI expert to automate your lead qualification process? Experience a Demo with us.

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