Transform Healthcare Services With Conversational AI

With our virtual medical assistant, you can provide quality care and free hospital staff from repetitive tasks, driving cost savings and improving operational efficiency.

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chatbot technology in healthcare

Healthcare Application

How conversational AI helps hospitals and patients

Patient Outreach Automation

You can use chatbots to engage customers through digital channels by providing symptom questionnaires, educating prospects and inviting them to come in if required and setting up appointments all within the same conversation.

Doctor-Patient Engagement

Virtual healthcare assistants can help you provide patients with prescription information and answer questions about side effects, recommended dosages, composition and other queries about any medication in real-time.

Seamless Registration & Billing

Our intelligent healthcare assistants support internal billing and inventory system integration to help you generate invoices and answer claims, coverage, and procedures query easily.

Improve Staff Productivity

With healthcare automation, teams across departments can easily access patient’s medical history and current health reports, helping them save time and provide quality care.


The GenieTalk Advantage

Why choose us for healthcare service transformation

Scalable Conversational Platform

AI chatbots enable healthcare providers to handle and provide accurate, fast resolutions to many service requests and customer support queries simultaneously, simplifying the lives of patients, doctors, and other health staff.

Data-Driven Analytics

Our conversational healthcare platform runs real-time analysis and user behaviour patterns of text-based and verbal communications, helping you make informed decisions to improve user engagement.

Intuitive and Single Interface

Admin console of our virtual patient care solution provides a single interface to manage communications across many channels and a drag and drop option to help you build and manage bots without coding.

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