Make Learning Engaging With AI Education Bot

From automating student support and streamlining administrative processes to delivering personalized marketing and capturing leads, AI assistants help you offer a smooth learning experience.

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artificial intelligence in education applications

Education Application

How conversational AI empowers educational institutions and students

Interactive Learning Experience

Virtual education bots support rich interactions and enhance the learning experience of your students in and outside of the classroom. Your teachers can keep track of students’ learning progress in real-time.

Intelligent Tutoring

Our conversational platform enables you to build AI-powered virtual tutor to provide one-on-one coaching based on accurate assessments and analysis of each student‘s requirements.

Omnichannel Availability

Educational chatbots provide omnichannel support to bridge the gap between your students and teaching staff as well as prospective students, whether they are connecting through web or social media.

Personalised Marketing

No-code bot for educational institutions help you run marketing campaigns promoting suitable courses and tailor conversational flows specific to students, parents, and advisors, boosting conversions.


The GenieTalk Advantage

Why choose us to build bot for education

Intuitive Bot Builder

With easy-to-use and drag-and-drop interface, anyone on your staff can design, build, and deploy education bot, improving workflows and streamlining operations.

Advanced Analytics

Our ML and deep learning algorithms-powered analytics uncovers knowledge gaps and provides actionable insights, helping your teachers make effective intervention.

Multilingual and Hyper-personalization

Intelligent virtual assistants support many languages and logic-based personalisation, enabling you to provide real-time response to students across various regions.

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