Deliver Data-Driven Conversational Commerce Experience

Engage with customers in real-time, create personalised shopping journeys and offer a hyper-local, hyper-realistic in-store experience with a conversational retail assistant.

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Ecommerce Application

How conversational AI redefines your customers' shopping experience

In-Store Experience

Enhance and complement new-age shopping habits on mobile, social media and websites with NLP-powered virtual shopping assistants, designing augmented and virtual reality experiences for hyper-realistic experience for your customers.

Tailored Customer Journey

Integrate data analytics and design Business to Individual - B2I-tailored retail journey for every customer. With recommendation engines, predictive modelling and sentiment analysis, you can map every data point to create unique and delightful personalised journeys.

Real-Time Support

Intelligent retail and eCommerce bots give your customers instant and accurate response round-the-clock, assisting shoppers with escalation and support like order tracking, order processing, date of delivery, product recommendations, product comparisons, and more.

Omnichannel Integration

You can integrate our conversational AI solution into any existing systems and support or sales channels, including your website, app, social media or other eCommerce platforms, giving your business a dynamic presence on all platforms.


The GenieTalk Advantage

Why choose us for your eCommerce growth

Human-Like, Realistic Conversations

Our conversational eCommerce solution uses natural language processing, machine learning and extensive data training to give your customers a human-in-the-room experience.

Advanced Analytics

End-to-end mapping of your customer purchase journey with advanced analytics helps you design customised shopping funnels and make data-backed decisions to optimise sales cycles.

Continuous Learning

Be available for your customers 24*7 with seamless integration of our conversational AI on all platforms, and gain better customer behavioural insights with every new interaction.

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