Create AI-based E-Commerce Genie

Artificial intelligence in eCommerce is all set to change how you do business, provides a platform for seamless integration of artificial intelligence and eCommerce, with all online shopping facilities to create a streamlined and personalized experience for your customers.

Discover Effortlessness

AI assistants and chatbots

They help brands with responding to
customer inquiries: as written as
voice ones. Also, they are used
providing product recommendations
through NLP.

Smart logistics

AI automates warehouse operations
and delivery process.

Recommendation engines

Artificial intelligence is capable of
analyzing customer behaviour on
websites. It uses algorithms to
predict what products may be liked
by customers and provide


1 out of 5 consumers is willing to
purchase goods from a chatbot.

By 2023, over
of all chatbots accessed will be retail-based.
Furthermore, chatbot e-commerce transactions
will reach $112 billion
annually. – Juniper

And these consumers are open
to spend up to £314.74.

of consumers use chatbots
to look for offers and deals.

Google invested £400 million acquiring
DeepMind; Artificial intelligence company.

How global retail brands
benefit from implementing
virtual assistants.

increase in brand loyalty index
and customer engagements.

increase in website traffic
and online sales.

increase in store conversions.

of consumers want personalised
offers and deals from chatbots.

of consumers will not give a brand another chance after just one bad experience and
over 90% will look to other brands for a more satisfactory
experience”. – Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends Report 2017.