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How conversational AI automate and streamlines your banking operations

Customer Self-Service and Guidance

Intelligent banking bots can provide your customers with instant, accurate responses, preventing repetitive queries, such as finding the nearest ATM, checking account balances, checking loan eligibility, and applying for loans, from reaching live agents.

Contextual Banking

Our AI and NLP-powered banking platform easily integrate your existing knowledge base to ensure the virtual agent understands customers' requirements. Thus, recommending the right products or services to the right customer, increasing conversions and engagement.

Personalized Financial Advice

Conversational AI for finance provides profile-based personalized offers to your customers, analyzing their online transactions and behavioural patterns. Our human-like conversational bots also provide budgeting tips and investment suggestions.

Back-Office Productivity

Unlike with legacy banking terminals, your team of investment advisors and financial planners will find our conversational banking platform intuitive and easier to interact one-on-one with customers, boosting productivity and reducing employee churn.


The GenieTalk Advantage

Why choose us for banking automation

Enterprise-Grade Security

With multi-layered security, our AI platform for banking maintains the highest standards in information security and compliance, making it ideal for big banks and financial institutions.

Omnichannel Banking Experience

Whether your customers prefer interacting over social media platforms, live chat or web, GenieTalk's no-code banking platform is always available wherever your customers are.

Scalable and Actionable Analytics

Our conversational analytics helps your virtual agent learn and become more intelligent with each customer interaction, providing a seamless end-to-end experience across the customer's journey.

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