Drive Sales and Growth With Conversational Solution

Intelligent automobile assistants help you interact with prospects and provide accurate, real-time resolution to your customers, increasing CSAT, loyalty, and revenue.

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AI in car assistant

Automobile Application

How conversational AI transforms your automotive business

Automate Prospects Engagement

Be it capturing visitor details, booking test drives, updating prospects on car deals, or building trust by answering customer queries, automotive bots guide buyers across the different stages of their purchase journey to increase leads and revenues.

Personalise Customer Support

Our data-driven conversational solution provides you actionable insights based on customer communication history and runs real-time sentiment analysis to refine responses, resulting in exceptional, real-time customer support.

Enhance Drivers Experience

Intelligent automobile solutions engage your customers with human-like conversations and automate pre and post-sales support, such as sending service reminders and repair bookings, reducing the stress on your staff and increasing customer satisfaction.

Increase Sales & Revenue

Our conversational platform provides business-critical data via visual graphs and charts, helping you upsell and cross-sell to the buyers promoting targeted offers and personalised pricing. Hence, increasing engagement, improving ROI, and driving retention.

The GenieTalk Advantage

Why choose us for automotive automation

Multilingual Support

Be it engaging customers belonging to a specific region or globally as an automotive brand, use our multilingual model to build and deploy once and interact with your customers in their preferred language, across text, voice, and email.

Cross-Platform Presence

Wherever your prospects and customers are, be it on social media or instant messaging platforms, our omnichannel automotive bot helps you connect with your prospects and customers in real-time.

Actionable Insights

Learning from the conversational data from customer interactions and identifying triggers to engage customers, our AI-powered conversational platform gives you the insights you need to drive customer satisfaction and revenue.

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