Futuristic Automobiles - AI In Automobile Industry

The future is self driving cars with artificial intelligence in the automotive industry or machine learning in the automobile industry, phenomenally smart personal AI drivers that can not only drive your car but keep you safe & exponentially reduce the probability of on-road mishaps. GenieTalk.ai aims to revolutionize the use of AI in the automobile industry. All the way from voice recognition functionality to introducing autonomy, our tech aims to provide a seamless experience to its users.

AI in car assistant

Interface - Device - Platform Agnostic- Pervasive for all channels

in-car voice assistant

In-car assistant

Assisting in tasks like making calls, activating wipers, switching on headlights, etc can be automated using just a single voice command.

On-road image detection

All the way from introducing traffic sign recognition and using it to adhere to speed limits and other road rules.

voice assistant in car navigation

Onboard diagnostics

Our smart tech can help in assisting not only the driver but also integrate with the OBD systems to optimize the functioning of the vehicle.

Discover Effortlessness

Easier designing process:

AI based programmable shading to transform the traditional product design process. Effectively, reducing the time taken for the approval of a design.

Car Dealership Experience:

Our AI can help dealers become more efficient and transparent in delivering enhanced customer experience.

24*7 customer service:

Provide round the clock optimum service to all your customers with our AI virtual chat assistant.

Superior passenger experience:

with a conversational AI a part of vehicles, navigation and in-car entertainment becomes easier.