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From real-time support to building human-like characters, our conversational solution enables you to provide immersive experiences to your gamers.

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Gaming Application

How conversational AI transforms the in-game experience

Human-Like Gaming Interactions

AI-powered conversational platforms help you add voice-activated commands into your game, giving it a life-like experience and enabling gamers to interact with non-playable characters.

Seamless Transactions

Virtual gaming assistants can take care of end-to-end transactions, be it up-selling special items to players during the gameplay or helping them withdraw tokens into their preferred currency.

Engaging In-Game Support

With gamers being active round-the-clock, our conversational bot can offer real-time support related to new announcements, feature updates, or playing instructions, increasing engagement and helping you cut costs.

Game Development Automation

Our AI platform enables your game developers to automate repetitive tasks, including creating 3D human-like characters, booting the game, and conducting preliminary tests before gameplay.


The GenieTalk Advantage

Why choose us for gaming transformation

Data-Driven Insights

Our Intelligent gaming assistants can analyze and gather insights from players' interactions, helping you make data-driven actions for marketing and segmentation.

Truly Multilingual

With training in one language, you can deploy our gaming bots in many languages, be it for text or voice-based assistant. Thus, helping you engage with customers globally.

Cross-Platform Integration

Omnichannel assistants help you provide real-time support to customers and prospects across multiple channels, including voice, instant messaging, social media, and email.

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