Artificial Intelligence for Gaming provides AI solutions & machine learning for gaming industries like in-game support, real-time crisis solving, and reducing support costs by exponentially decreasing resolution time. Enjoy 24*7 support & assistance on game platforms, phenomenally increasing the screen time for the game, and customer satisfaction.

ai assistance on game platform

Recognize voice commands

Using our NLP and NER capabilities, we can help create a voice-enabled command system for in-game features.

flow chart voice enabled command system
voice enabled gaming experience

Revolutionize the gaming experience

Our smart AI can help create a completely voice-enabled gaming experience with minimum hardware requirement, giving every player their own J.A.R.V.I.S

future of ai in video games

24*7 Customer support

Let us help you provide the same level of assistance to players all across the globe by using our constantly learning AI-driven conversational algorithm.

genie's conversational ai algorithm.