Your every wish should be
just a conversation away!

We build the world's most advanced Artificial Intelligence & cognitive Conversational AI technologies that learn the human way of doing things.

Building artificial intelligence for enterprise

Insights beyond machines

Our mission is to integrate intelligence with business in a way that we could enable enterprises to be closer to their customers & have the most meaningful conversations with the help of advanced AI & natural conversations.

conversations with the help of advanced AI
AI powered digital voicebots or monotonous chatbots

Why GenieTalk

We are the forerunners in designing AI-powered digital experiences & artificial intelligence for enterprises, be it voice bots, chatbots or smart Conversational AI, switching the world from rule-based, monotonous chat-bots to interactive & intuitive ‘Human-in-the-room-experiences', with intricately customized solutions for enterprises to adopt AI technologies to create seamless business operations & happy customer experiences.

Dreaming of
an AI to support,
streamline & boost
your business?

We built a SaaS platform of Conversational AI and Cognitive Intelligence to design Virtual Assistants in just a few simple steps & gear up the businesses for the next normal. Extend the bot to phone with IVR bot, realtime response to customer queries.